Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Small Town Life

We had our annual Dove Festival last weekend.

It started with a Character Dress Up day and the Little Cheerleaders performing at the pep rally and football game.

Emma was a blue bird and Landon was a Scout.

Emma did so good performing at the pep rally and football game! She also got a pic with her cheerleader buddy.

It was so much fun! Then Saturday kicked off the festival. We had our Cub Scouts in the parade. 

The kids got to play at the festival and landon got to see a friend of his who has been in China with his parents doing missionary work.

Then Sunday was capped off with a Southern gospel band that sang at our church. They were awesome!

Had so much fun but I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend!! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Thoughts...

1) I like it MUCH better if I have nothing to do but church on Sunday. That way I get in my weekly nap and some football. 

2) seeing your husband happy to fulfill a dream, makes you happier than anything.

 3) Realizing you have to discipline yourself to keeping with a budget, is both humbling and freeing. Because knowledge is power to change your circumstances.

4) A surprise divine salted caramel truffle from your co-worker, will make your week.

5) Cowboys win!!!! Whoo-HOO!!!!

6) Sometimes doing dishes is overrated. Sleep is much better. 

7.  Fall colors for manicures make me happy, happy,  happy.

8) I will be one of those moms that will ALWAYS check on their kiddos when they sleep. 

9) Emma still wants me to sing the song "Baby Mine" before she goes to bed. It made me cry tonight to think one day she won't.

10) Half day Friday's to take kiddos to eye dr and do some shopping, is something to look forward to.

Gratitude will melt away fears you have. Turn to God and thank him for your blessings.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My First Born...

This kiddo holds my heart. He is so serious, funny, quiet, and is a wonderful, insightful boy.

He loves history. Right now we are sitting here watching the History Channel. He loves anything to do with history and will watch history shows for hours. 

Although I don't want him to grow up too fast, look forward to our years together to see the man he will become. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

I Want To Be Sassy...

Today I was watching a little girl walk down the hall. She had a little bounce in her walk and smiled like "Yup, I'm me and I LIKE it!!"

I see it in my daughter. How she lights up when something interests her, or the way she giggles at certain things, and how she dresses. Oh heavens how she dresses!!  She knows who she is, she is Emma. She loves glittery girlie stuff, but the girl can cast a fishing pole further than some grown men. She loves coloring but will go out and be covered head to toe in mud.  She is confident and wonderful.

I want to tell her don't lose that. When someone tries to convince you that this skirt doesn't go with that shirt, or girls don't do that, I want to tell her not to listen. 

I'm sure other women can relate. Somewhere along the way to adulthood we lost that sparkle, that gleam in our eye that was our spirit. Life kicked us around, knocked us down, and tried to snuff out that sparkle, that confidence that shimmers below the rough exterior we had to put up to survive. 

I don't know about you, but seeing that little girl today, watching my daughter, it made me realize how much I miss that and want it back.

I want to tell my daughter and other girls, and especially myself, be yourself, and let others have a bouncy walk, a boho/hipster style or whatever they want, build others up, don't tear them down. Keep that sparkle...always keep that sparkle