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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Importance of Time

With the craziness of May fixing to be behind us, we had a nice weekend hanging out with each other.

We have had a crazy May with baseball, t-ball, Scouts, working, school, it's just been nuts!!

This weekend was great. On Friday we went to a nearby drive-in theater and watched Battleship. Although we had some issues with the sound it was fun, and Landon definitely loved it!!

Saturday we took the kids swimming at the pool and relaxed. It was so much fun playing with the kids, sitting by the pool, and soaking up the sun.

Saturday night we met some friends that were in town and went and saw a local band Six Market Blvd that has a growing fan base around Texas. They are AWESOME! Damon and I had fun listening to them and hanging out with some good friends.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, and although Miss Emma started running fever, we spent the day cuddling in my chair and watching movies. It was a lazy day spent with family. Today we stayed home since Miss E was still not feeling 100%.

I was thinking today as I was cleaning, that things look a whole lot brighter once we spend a little time together. We have been going 10 different directions for so long, there hasn't been a whole lot of time to meet in the middle together. This weekend showed me that many times the issues that I think are so big, really aren't once, I spend a little time with the ones I love and the good Lord above. Hold your loved ones a little closer tonight before you go to bed, and bless them with your time. Because it makes all the difference.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

He Always Knows What I Need

I love subscribing to daily devotionals that come into my email. That way if I wake up late in the mornings and don't get my Bible/Devotional time in, I can do it while drinking my coffee at work.  One of my favorites is the devotional I receive from Proverbs 31 Ministries. This morning one from Lysa Terkeurst came in called "When Your Husband Has Given Up."  Now although I love my hubby and we are great, we still have our ups and downs, and friendships that I've had have also had their rocky moments.

Lysa's devotional spoke volumes to me today. Not really about a marriage in turmoil but that sometimes when life has thrown just about every bomb at you that you think you can take, you are still wanted, you are still worthy. You are a child of the King, and that makes you precious, loved, and grounded with Him.  Lysa makes a point to say that we all need to come up for air and believe that we are worthy, that we are in control of how we think and act, not someone else. WE control how WE respond to a situation, whether it is good or bad.  I emailed this post to a friend of mine with the comment, "The Good Lord, always seems to know what I need that day." Read the devotional, subscribe to their daily emails, trust me, the Lord will deliver just what you need in the mornings.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Official..It's Summer!!

It's official!! It is summer! We had a wonderful weekend. The hubby and I went out with the bro-&-sis-in-law to go see Battleship. I thought it was an awesome movie!! Was there a deep plot, no, but it was a movie that you could totally lost in for a few hours and watch some buff, handsome guys save the world.  We then went out to eat out at a restaurant that is fast becoming one of my favorite places to eat, Humphry  Pete's. Had a blast.

Sunday we got up and went to church and then went over to a nearby lake and took the kids riding out on the boat. They had a blast swimming and playing in the water, as well as playing on a playground on the shore. We ate chips, drank sodas and cool-aid, had some cookies, and made some memories. It was so much fun!
Kiddos snacking while on the boat

The school year is winding down for the kids and I'm looking forward to a little bit of a breather myself!

Mr. L and his 1st grade class  - What a year!!

Mrs. Massingill getting her squeeze on the sponge!!

And my little girl finished up her first year of Pre-K!! I can't believe one more year and she'll be up at the school with me.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The End of the Year

No not the end of the 2012..I know it's a little early for that, but the end of the school year is fast approaching with my daughter having her last day of Pre-K today, and my son having his last day of 1st grade in two weeks.  Momma's know what that means, kids having a summer to relax and refresh! (And by the end of the summer, drive us a little bonkers where we want to say "Is it time for school, YET?!?)

  I stumbled across a blog today written by a lovely woman called and she had provided a free e-book called Honoring the Rhythm of Rest which you can download by subscribing to her blog. It's a short read and very well done and just what I needed in this season of my life. So I am going to look  at the summer as a time like the kids do, a time to relax and have fun and be refreshed.

I'm looking forward to taking my kids to the pool and getting in the frigid water and swimming with them.

I'm looking forward to going to the lake with the family and riding in the boat, swimming in the middle of a lake.

I'm looking forward to going to see a movie at the drive in with the hubby, sitting on a blanket in the back of a truck enjoying the warm night air and having a date night.

I'm looking forward to spending time with my kids playing outside, jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler underneath it, and going for walks while on vacation.

I'm looking forward to going out of town for a day and taking the kids to a small waterpark in a nearby town, going out for pizza, and maybe even spending the night at a motel with a pool just to say they have done it.

I'm looking forward to a weekend away with my handsome hubby, don't care where or when, just some time away.

So come on Summer!! I can't wait to get started!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love these girls!! They've been my friends longer than I can remember

And then there are our mini me's

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Starting to Look Like Summer

Well it's starting to feel (weather wise 94 degree days) and look like summer. We went fishing as a family earlier this week after work and then today we had a birthday party for one of my best friend's oldest  Princess J.  The kids' played on a slip and slide, ate cake and played together. 

It struck me as great and a little wacky that us three girls have been friends since we were young, and now with all of us living back in town, we now have our daughters playing together. We were sitting around singing Happy Birthday to Princess J and I thought of how often we had sat around a table singing Happy Birthday to one of us over the years. 

This summer is starting off great! I can't wait to see where it leads us!

Miss E and I at Princess J's Party
Heather,  Mr. JC, and Miss E & I at Princess J's Party 
My two lovies fishing this week
Love her!!