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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend. Mr. L had a soccer game early saturday morning. Which I have to say was a blast!! He scored the first goal of the game and got to play the goalie position as well. I laughed so hard during the game and I was so proud of him.

After the game we went to visit some friends of ours in Houston.  It was really a flying trip. We left at around noon and got there late that evening  That next morning the guys went fishing where my handsome hubby caught this

42 inch long Red from the Gulf. I was so excited when I got the text with that picture. The last few times he's been fishing, his luck hasn't been that good. I'm hoping that this has turned his luck around.

While the guys were out fishing, us girls did something kind of crazy. We went tailgating at the Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys game at Reliant Stadium.  Three of us were rooting for Texans, and two of us, me included were rooting for the Cowboys.  I have to say us two were in the minority. :) However, we had a grand time although it was sweltering hot.  I think next time I go tailgating I hope it will be cooler!! But we had a blast!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Favorites

I have to say that I bribed myself this week. I told myself if I  worked out 4 days - ran 3 of those days :) that I could download some music I wanted from Itunes. I made it all four days so I downloaded some songs when I got back this morning. One is a new cd by Britt Nicole.

I heard her song Walk on Water and absolutely fell in love with it! It's only $4.99 on Itunes for 6 songs. I listened to them while getting ready for work and I've loved every one of them. I also bought the new one by Nichole Nordeman "Beautiful for Me", absolutely awesome by the way. 

Another song that I'm wearing out right now is "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real.  Ohh! I love that song, It's so good.

Another Favorite I'm excited about is we get to see some good friends this weekend. Hope to get pics and stories on Monday!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Marvelous Monday

I'm praying and sending out good thoughts that today  will be a Marvelous Monday. (I'm trying to think positive for the next three days because hubby is going to be working at his second job for a good part of the week, so it's me and the kiddos)

What can make it a marvelous Monday, you ask?

1) Today we are leaving school & work a little early to go to the dentist. Although I don't like handing over our hard earned money for the dentist, I look forward because I'll get to spend a little extra time with the kiddos, and two I promised to take them to McDonalds afterward, which means no cooking tonight!!

2) I have set up a treat for myself if I run 4 times this week in training for my half marathon in February I get to buy a few songs off Itunes on Friday. Now, I'm hoping my lovely momma will come watch the kids when we get home for an hour so I can run to the gym, otherwise I have to wait till their in bed.

3) We had double good news last night! One, my cousin and his wife are expecting their first child. Two, a woman here in our town that many know and love had a massive heart attack on Saturday. They had to put her in a medical coma till Sunday afternoon. After a few hours, she opened her eyes and looked around. Praise God!!

I think that's it for my marvelous Monday - may have to catch you up on Tuesday and let you know how it went!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gotta get My Groove Back

Not taking anything away from Stella...but I've gotta get my groove back. With work being NUTS the whole month of August, Mr. L starting school, me starting classes again, plus the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc that revolves around my little world, I've lost my groove.  I used to have things going where I would get up, get ready,  do some work for school, get kids up and out the door. Then after work  I would go workout, come home, dinner, cleaning, kids in bed and then quiet time.  I'm sure other moms can relate on certain times in your life are rolling along, and then something shifts and that teeter-totter you are on slips and you're trying to balance it again.

But my workouts and schedule has totally went into a SNAFU state.  (everyone can google what SNAFU means) I guess I need to get my groove back but honestly with everything going on I've been too tired to even try.

Okay let me think what I can do to restore some balance into this crazy life that is swirling around me.

1) try to go to bed early enough where I get enough sleep
2) wake up and do some yoga to try and calm me and focus on the day
3) get ready (no TV) for work after laying out all my clothes and packing stuff up the night before
4) spend some quiet time with the Lord in the morning to get my day started right
5) get kids ready and out the door on time
6) Work out in the afternoons at 4 - if I know I can't be there that day, go in the morning instead of yoga
7) Take vitamins to balance out
8) Watch what I eat, eat things that help my body, not hurt it, but allow myself a tread now and then
9) Drink A LOT of water
10) Spend time laughing with my husband and kiddos
11) Hang out with girlfriends at least once a month to help de-stress myself
12) Try to clean a little bit everyday so I can relax a little on the weekends

Gonna pray to the Lord above for some help on getting my groove back.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall...just a little longer

It's September, time for school, football, & the fall. We had enough of a cool down last week to make me wish for the cool mornings, & windows open with a cool fall breeze.

Right now I'm relaxing in my chair..well in between picking up toys, putting up laundry, & putting Miss E to bed one more time. Hubby & I are watching the saints play the Vikings. Now I'm a Dallas cowboys girl all the way, but I LOVE me some Saints!!

Football makes me want to sit in the stands & watch my Alma mater play, it reminds me of playing band in high school. The crisp fall weather, marching, the fun trips on the bus with friends.

Aww's weird how a change in weather brings back memories. Wish this hot weather would leave for awhile & bring in the cooler weather. Just a little longer...

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Faith, Fitness, & Fun Blog

I don't really know how but I stumbled on a blog today called Faith, Fitness, &  Fun. I have to admit this girl really got me thinking.  Certain things in my life have snowballed around me, some good, some bad, and this blog has definitely opened my eyes about a few things.

The author, Christina, has issued a challenge to her readers to go through a 30 days of self love challenge where you embrace everything about you. I am loving this blog! One I have come across other blogs that focus on fitness, or faith, or having fun with your family but never have I come across one that combines all three.

Today she issued a challenge to embrace and love a part of your body, and thank your body for the gifts that it has given you.  So lets first start with my arms and shoulders. These allow me to wrap my arms around my beautiful kids and my hubby who I love


I have to say I absolutely love my gift of my laugh. I've been told I laugh just like several of my beloved aunts. It's loud and sometimes when I get going, people will turn around an look at me, but that's absolutely ok!

I have to agree with Christina about being thankful for my "womanly parts." Because they carried to term my two kids that drive me absolutely batty, but I couldn't imagine life without them.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long days..Short Years

I once heard someone say when you have young children at home, it seems like "Long days, but short years." I couldn't agree more with that statement.
I am a working mother of a nearly 6 year old who started Kindergarten this year, and a nearly 3 year old. I am lucky enough to work in the school district my son attends in the technology department so I am right here if he needs anything. I am also going back to school for my Masters in Information Systems online, which is a challenge. I've been with my wonderful husband for 11 years, and married for 7 of those years.
Between work, school for both my son and I, cooking, cleaning, and breaking up fights between siblings, and an occasional date night now and then, it seems like it's hard to come up for air. The days seem so long when you get home from work, and have to cook, clean, answer three thousand questions from two little minds, get everyone ready for bathtime and bed, and then fall in your chair and attempt to wrap your mind around some adult conversation. And most of the time, I fall asleep as soon as I get still.
But looking back at pictures of both my kids when they were babies, I can't imagine them that small. I remember the times in a hazy, sleepless daze. Those years flew by so fast. But looking at the pictures makes me smile. My little one is talking up a storm and learning words, both good & bad, at a rapid rate. My oldest asks all sorts of questions and sometimes wears me out just by the machine gun line of questioning. I have to remind myself that it's the days where I put down the laundry for awhile and play go fish with my son. Or sit and watch a Disney movie with my daughter for a few hours cuddled up on the bed. These are the moments I remember during those long days that turn into very short years.