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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magazine Junkie..Insight into my world

I'm a magazine junkie...I admit it. I subscribe to about 10 different magazines, everything from Cosmo, to Working Mother, Parenting, Self and Shape. I cover the whole range of women's magazines. Hey, if you stop smoking, you gotta pick up another habit. After quitting smoking several years ago, this is the habit I picked up, to bad it wasn't working out more, but that's a promise to myself in the coming year, and more about that later.

I was reading an article in one of my magazines, Momsense. It's a magazine put out by the Mother of Preschoolers group, and has to do with Christian Parenting. One article struck me more than anything today as I run around trying to get my house in order for guests this week. Not only are we having Christmas Eve at our home, my daughter's first birthday party on Sunday, and we have an annual party at our home on New Years Eve as well. The article was called Good Mom, Bad Mom, and it talks about how we as moms try to do everything perfectly for our kids, and on the days when it goes our way we feel great, we've done it all, we've been the great mom. But there are days when we wake up late, someone wets the bed, we have to change their sheets, the baby has a messy diaper two minutes before you are supposed to walk out the door, you lose your patience, and things fall apart from there.

It asks in the article if God knew what he was thinking when he made me a mom. Didn't he know some days would be a complete wreck and we'd lose our sanity for a small portion of time. The answer is yes!

God knew what we would go through and yet he still chose us to be mothers. He chooses the insecure women because He knows that through this great journey of raising kids, it provides us the best picture of his unconditional love. So that's what I'm going to focus on in the new year. The fact that God chose me to be a mother and wife and He will support me through it all.

(Momsense, January/February 2009)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

I'm sitting here at work, waiting for an update to finish on a teacher's computer so I thought I might put a few things in my blog this week. I love this season, but at the same time I dislike it because you're always running here or there trying to get stuff. I am praying that this holiday season isn't as stressful, and right now it's not too bad. This week though we are busy wed, thursday and friday nights. Wednesday we are going with some friends to the Horny Toad to see each other and wish each other well before the Christmas season really starts, Thursday we are driving to Belton to see the Nature in Lights display, and then Friday is Damon's company Christmas party. Then next week, one night we have to finish our Christmas shopping, I have a meeting on Tuesday, and Thursday is the Band Concert that our niece is playing in. Then on Friday we get out of school for two weeks!! Whew!!!

Landon and Emma went and saw Santa at the Christmas Parade on the square. It was so cute! Landon wants a skateboard for Christmas, so Santa's going to have to pull that one out of his sleigh. In one picture can you tell that my baby girl did not get a nap that day. She looks sooooo tired.

Countdown to Jesus Birthday... 14days!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Landon's going to be in a book!!! Four years ago while I was on a forum for women, this woman wanted to know our labor/delivery stories for a book. Now it is getting published this April and my story of Landon's birth is one of the ones chosen!! Here's a link to the site to purchase it through Amazon

This is so Cool!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ahhh Christmas time! We attempted to take our family pictures over the weekend so we can send out Christmas cards this year (via email, it's cheaper) We all got dressed trying to make everyone look pretty for our pictures. Emma of course didn't take a nap that afternoon making her a cranky little turkey, with a black eye might I add. She received it at the babysitter while climbing on an air mattress and then somehow winding up on the floor. I think Big Brother was a co-conspirator but it hasn't been proven yet. So now our beautiful baby girl has a nice shiner in a pretty little red Christmas dress. Damon has nicknamed her, his little "black eyed pea". Then I noticed in some of the pictures (the majority) her collar on her dress got turned up giving her the appearance of one of those puppies that have the cones around their necks so they won't lick their wounds. Oh well, it gives us character in our pictures.

Then in some of the pictures I notice Landon is trying to look over Kim's shoulder to watch tv. And then there's his goofy grin he sometimes makes. And I know all of us are seeing spots as many times as the camera flashed.

Here's too not perfect pictures and a peaceful, holiday season!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ramblings I've had

What are you going to be when you grow up?

Since we were old enough to talk, people ask us this question. The answer varies wildly with every kid, every year, sometimes every day. Politician, doctor, movie star, cheerleader, fireman, the list could go on and on. I’m sure all of us remember when we were asked that question we responded with an affirmative answer, and don’t try to persuade us any differently.

When does that go astray? Is it in high school when you start to realize what work it takes to be a doctor? What you have to give up to be a politician or the lack of privacy of a movie star? I think it’s when you have face that hated word REALITY. Reality is when you have books to pay for, your car payments due, and the water heater just broke, and you have a job that pays you $5.15 an hour?!?! Or it may sink when a little more when after you’re in that wedded bliss stage, all of a sudden two pink lines show up and you realize you have to provide for more than yourself and your spouse.

Or is it when you’re sitting in your home, worried about a friend that just has to pull through, and you get the call saying that they won’t make it through the night. After all the prayers, the tears, the hugs, the kind words, no one prepares you for that moment of losing someone so young that you grew up with. The one person who you laughed with, cried with, talked with till 3 am, tried on make-up, or tried to get her too. The memories you have of the days and the nights you spent together, the birthday parties, the movies, the road trips, and all of that comes crashing down on you like a wave and you’re struggling for air. When that year anniversary comes around and you think, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve hugged that person, talked to them, or cried with them. What would have their life been like? Would they have had children? Would they have finished their career plans and been one of those lucky few who actually do be EXACTLY what they dreamed of when they were younger. Then more years pile onto that and you can’t believe that the world spins and it comes around again.

Then your world shifts over the death of a parent. The one person that you thought would be there forever suddenly isn’t there anymore. You cry, you scream, you may even yell at God, but He knows you’re hurting and don’t mean it at the time. Each day you go on, and you realize hearts do start to mend, they start to wrap around the hurt and although that pain NEVER goes away, it ebbs a little. You go on and grow up. And you find yourself wishing your children could know their grandmother or grandfather. You cry knowing that they won’t, and you take comfort in the thought that a special guardian angel is watching over them. Especially when you look at them, and every now and then you see a glimmer of your parent in your children.

You grow apart from high school friends, but a true friend comes back around. You can be apart six minutes or sixteen years, it doesn’t matter. When you see that friend again, it’s like you never left. You pick up where you left off. You will talk about your jobs and your kids, not who’s dating who or the latest gossip around school, but these are the friends you carry with you, and never seem to leave. And you are thankful for that.

You find someone that you fall in love with and you marry. You find a piece of yourself in that person and that person can take you very high, or sweep you into pits like you never knew. That person should know you inside and out, but still find things out about you after 20, 40, or even 50 years. I dream of having a marriage like you see every now and then, the one with the old people walking around holding hands, whispering and laughing with each other, teasing each other with love after all these years. And you pray that you are going to be them in the future.

We set out to be a certain profession, people gear us toward that from the time we are young. But I think we should ask our kids, “What will you do to make you happy?” I wanted to be a writer, and sometimes my thoughts actually come together, but most times they do not. I have two beautiful, loving children, and a husband that I thank God for when I’m not wondering how he can be such a man sometimes. I never saw myself going into the career I’m in now, but I’m happy where I am. I never dreamed when I was younger of the life I would have now. I can say that sometimes the best thing is that you shouldn’t have a future set in stone. It should be a river, winding, turning, carving out a way, going around other obstacles. Life isn’t a plan; it’s a journey that we all take. We cry, we laugh, we have great moments and desperate ones. I’m grateful for mine. Are you?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Life in a small town

You would think that life in a small town would be easy and laid back, hah!! With Vacation Bible School, community events and trying to get used to a six month old in the house, life is as about as hectic as you can get.

I offered to help decorate our church for VBS this week. Took Landon there this morning for the start of VBS and he seemed to like it. He wants to go back tomorrow, so we'll see. Emma has a cold and is being a fussy little diva right now. She woke up the last two mornings at 4:30 am. And after about 45 minutes went back to sleep.