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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aww they grow up so fast

My son, who is under 6 years old, told me today that he's ready for a girlfriend. I asked him if he liked any girls in particular? He replied "the pretty girls."

Oh my!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Our church had our annual Easter Egg Hunt today.  Mr. L  was with Dad in Houston having a blast with our friends kids as well as kids that belonged to some of their friends.  So Miss E was having fun putting eggs in her basket.  She was more interested in chocolate than the eggs.  That's my girl!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday changes...

Well durn it..we had it all planned out to visit some friends near the coast.

Well today Miss E came down with the stomach bug. So I get to stay home with her while Damon & Mr L go have fun.

Hope she gets over this quickly. I'm tired of sickness in our family.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Tribute

Good Bye Sweet, Beautiful Niki
Till We Meet Again...

I regret it took losing you to realize how precious and short life is..
Dance like no one is watching
Love like there is no tomorrow
Tell those that you love how much you care about them

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Girls' Weekend

Although I wasn't looking forward to coming home on Sunday, we had a blast on our girls' weekend.

Yesterday we left around 8:30 trying to get up there earlier since we had to leave early today.  We made it up there in relatively good time,and only got a lost for about ten minutes when we went straight instead of turning left. My friend Misty fixed us a wonderful lunch of fried chicken breast, corn on the cob, green beans and homemade gravy. We hung out and watched New Moon, which was a pretty good movie, but I have to say I like Twilight better. 
We then took all three of our girls to Sam Moon. Which was an experience, love the store by the way, but trying to manuever with a cranky two year od that hasn't had a nap...not my ideal experience. We stopped for ice cream, and then hung out talking and reliving old times, and then when out to dinner at a wonderful mexican food restuarant. 

When we returned to Misty's house we got in our pj's, made some wonderful desserts called cake balls (I recommend them by the way), watched dirty dancing and talked and laughed. It was a wonderful experience that I long to repeat again. Maybe one day it'll just be us big girls hanging out.  :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Niki

My sweet, beautiful, larger than life cousin was found dead in her apartment at 32 years old on Thursday. I'm totally numb and totally heartbroken at the same time. My heart is shattered and aches for her parents and sisters right now, because even what I'm feeling cannot compare to what they  must be feeling right now.

Right now I haven't heard much other than it might have been carbon monoxide poisoning.  The viewing is on Sunday. So I'm coming in from Arlington and my girl's weekend that I've been looking forward to for a month, taking the kids to the babysitter and going to the viewing in a neighbor town. On Monday will be the funeral.

It may sound selfish, but I'm not giving up time with my friends from high school and our daughters tomorrow and on Sunday. One thing that I've come to terms with is that you need to cherish those around you, and spend time with them, because no one is granted a tomorrow. Only by the grace of God do we receive tomorrows.

Isiah 25:8: He will swallow up death forever, the Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces.

Niki, you touched so many people while you were here with us. We forget our time on Earth is borrowed, & you showed us to live vibrantly every day. I love you so much, my heart aches for those you left behind. Dance in heaven with Daddy, I love you both

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hold those close to you

I can't say much more today. Other than I'm thankful for my family and I ask everyone to treasure each moment with those close to them, whether it's friends or family.  Hold them close and tell them how much they mean to you.  I'll explain more later...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have had a very eventful day..

I woke up this morning and spent some wonderful quiet time with the Lord before the kids woke up. We then went a few towns over to get Miss E some new shoes because hers are getting too small, and we needed to get Mr. L some baseball socks and an Easter basket. Well they had no baseball socks in his size, but did find a Lightning McQueen Easter basket. 

We went to Cici's for lunch. That was an experience! It's a good thing I prayed for patience this morning because I needed it during a lunch rush with two kids under the age of 5. Ha!

We then got home and went to our Movie Gallery that's closing (bummer) and they are having a closing sale. We bought a Wii game for Mr. L and then Kung Fu Panda for Miss E.  I studied this afternoon while the kids watched their movie or played on the wii.

I've enjoyed hanging out with the kids.  It's fun enjoying their personalities come out. Sometimes those quirks can drive me bonkers, but it's been a fun time the past few days hanging out with the kiddos.  Miss E defending her brother when I get on to him for something, Miss E sharing the food she doesn't want with me, playing the "call game" with Mr. L (a game he invented, I don't understand the rules), and just enjoying this time with them while they are little. Soon Mr. L will be in Kindergarten, and Miss E will be in pre-k ...uggg time flies.

I must admit I'm trying to get my studying done this afternoon, because this evening I'd like to watch The Princess and the Frog we bought today (can you tell a theme with us and animated films??).  I'm rather excited and have wanted to watch it since I first saw the previews.  In fact, I'm going to get off here, start dinner and read some of my chapter before sitting down for movie night and the "Princess and the Frog".

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awww Spring Break!!

Awww Relaxation...well kind of...

Friday night after I left work I came home and had planned to do my mid term for my online master's course, and of course that didn't happen. I had to run errands, and by the time I reviewed a few things, it was time to pick up the kids. My hubby had to work late..then do this...and then he had to do that...well it was around 8:30 before I even started my midterm. I guess we'll find out if I did any good next week.

Yesterday we had planned on a fish fry.  My hubby is an avid fisherman and he believed that the reason he hasn't caught fish was because he had too much fish in the freezer. We decided to have a fish fry on needless to say I called in reinforcements in the form of my mom to help me clean my house.  It was a great time with friends and family last night enjoying the nice weather and good food.

Today we got up and made it to church. As soon as we got home my husband ran off to test his theory to see if the fish were biting since we ate some of their relatives last night. So the kids and I stayed outside for a couple of hours and enjoyed the great weather. As soon as we came inside Miss E crashed on the couch and is still asleep. 

I plan on doing a little more spring cleaning this week, and I'll have to help for the decorations for our church's vacation bible school tomorrow, plus I do have some assignments due for class on the Monday we get back from spring break.  I'm hoping the rest of our spring break is relaxing but productive as well.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday nights

Mr L has fallen in love with the movie, "where the wild things are". We've watched it twice in two days. I bought the book for him which should be here in a few weeks.

As we were wrapping up the movie, Miss E was eating some trail mix & didn't finish it all. She started feeding me the stuff she didn't eat. It was a cute moment for me....Mr L was curled up on the other side of me. It was a great moment with my two munchkins.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Mission Statement

Ok - this isn't exactly a family mission statement, but I've been thinking about how to get my priorities in better order. My mom-in-law says I like to say yes to anything that comes my way. I've started realizing I am not SUPERWOMAN and I can't do it all. So I'm looking at trying to revamp my life before I turn 30 this summer. I came up with this today....

My Mission Statement

My mission in life is to fulfill my priorities of 1) God, 2) Me, 3) Husband, 4) Kids.

I have placed these in this order because without God this life isn’t possible. I feel disjointed and ungrounded when I don’t have enough quiet time with God. If I’m stressed, if I open my bible or flip to a devotional for the day, it is just what I need to get through the situation. I’m still taking baby steps in my journey of faith, but I’m working on it.

The next is me. Yes, this may sound horrible coming from a wife and mother to put herself before her husband and her kids. But my husband can tell you, if I haven’t had enough sleep, or I haven’t worked out in a few days, I become a raging…witch. I have to have time to myself to take care of myself. If I don’t take care of myself then I am no good to my husband or my kids. I find that if I work out, have down time, and take care of myself I am better able to handle what life throws at me.

The third on the list is my husband. Yes, I put my husband before my kids. You can gripe at me all you want, but, I was a wife before I was a mother, and once the kids grow up and leave, then it will just be him and I. That means I need to put my hubby on my priority list before the kids. I have to be a partner for him, and nurture that relationship. I want my kids growing up knowing that mom and dad love each other and still enjoy being around each other even after several years.

Fourth on the list are my little munchkins. I remind myself daily that they are only small for a short time and I want to cherish these moments and file them away to take out years later. These two are my gifts and I want them to never doubt their mother did all she could for them. Parents are the deciding factor in a lot of ways and I want to be there and make memories with them and be there for them.

I want to look at my mission statement and realize that if something is going to take me away or cause me to be away or shift the priority of the people on my list, then I may want to think twice before doing it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Well the diet was totally blown today. A friend of ours took us out to dinner, he paid, so we went out and ate chinese food.

It was yummmmmmm!

Now I'm back home thinking I need to get the kids in bed so I can work on homework, but I think I just wanna take my full belly to bed.

4 more days till spring break!! Whoohoo!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

A productive day

For the first time in what seems like a while I actually had a productive Saturday.

 Although it started a little rough. Miss E has good nights and bad nights with waking up. Last night was a bad night, she woke up about 3 am and that means I dozed from about 3am to 5am in short bursts running back and forth trying to put her in bed and then dozing off, getting up to put her back in's a vicious cycle. 

I woke up and read a little of "The Last Olympian", the last book in the Percy Jackson series. If you haven't read it, do it! I know it's meant for younger generations but they are well written, wonderful books. 

Then I did laundry, dishes, cooked lunch, more laundry, dusted, went through and started cleaning out Mr L's closet.  I actually folded landry too! I know, amazing, huh?

I started working on notes for my midterm this week. I'm actually fixing to work on them some more here in a little while. 
Mr. L had a birthday party for the girl about his age that lives across the street.  When I went to pick him up he was telling me that the girl was so excited about the gift we gave her, she jumped out of her chair and gave him a hug. Her mother laughed because she said Mr L's eyes were huge. 

My hubby stayed out most of the day fishing with a friend. I've officially become a fishing widow. It has started. When the warmer weather comes out, my husband leaves me for hours or days upon end. I have to admit, sometimes its nice to have run of the house and the remote. But it's a catch 22 situation since if he doesn't catch any fish, he's frustrated when he gets home. 

Both kids were in a bath and in their pajamas by 7pm and we ate some dinner. Now we're all hanging out and bed time will be fast approaching here soon.

Well back to studying...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So today I'm thankful for....

A wonderful babysitter that has become like another grandmother to my kids

A wonderful job that I enjoy, it may be stressful at times, but I work with wonderful people

A growing relationship with Jesus Christ, I know I'll stumble & fall at times but He'll always catch me.

A great husband who loves me with all my quirky, clumsy, often "duh" moments & still loves me & laughs with me.

Two wonderful kids that are gifts that I thank God everyday for.

My health, my body has been mistreated but it still gets me from point A to B. And I'm thankful I'm around to take better care of it...

Now I guess I'm supposed to be thankful for dirty dishes because it means we had food to eat...but I really don't wanna do dishes...LOL!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Enjoying an actual "snow" cone

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You ever get these..

I have a really bad case of the I don't wannas.

I should read a chapter for class...but the professor extended the deadline till after spring break, so I have some time.

I should do dishes....but I just want to lay in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a magazine or two. 

I should fold some clothes...but I  really just want to hop in my pajamas and go slip in my bed. 

Well all of those things must be put on hold because Miss E is throwing a fit because I won't let her watch a movie, guess I better get my munchkins in bed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Marvelous Monday

I'm sore and exhausted from our busy weekend. However, we had some good news on this cold dreary Monday. My cousin Quade, and his wife Amy are the proud parents of this beautiful boy, Braxton. 

Congrats to Amy & Quade, let the crazy, happy life begin!!