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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Girls' Weekend

Although I wasn't looking forward to coming home on Sunday, we had a blast on our girls' weekend.

Yesterday we left around 8:30 trying to get up there earlier since we had to leave early today.  We made it up there in relatively good time,and only got a lost for about ten minutes when we went straight instead of turning left. My friend Misty fixed us a wonderful lunch of fried chicken breast, corn on the cob, green beans and homemade gravy. We hung out and watched New Moon, which was a pretty good movie, but I have to say I like Twilight better. 
We then took all three of our girls to Sam Moon. Which was an experience, love the store by the way, but trying to manuever with a cranky two year od that hasn't had a nap...not my ideal experience. We stopped for ice cream, and then hung out talking and reliving old times, and then when out to dinner at a wonderful mexican food restuarant. 

When we returned to Misty's house we got in our pj's, made some wonderful desserts called cake balls (I recommend them by the way), watched dirty dancing and talked and laughed. It was a wonderful experience that I long to repeat again. Maybe one day it'll just be us big girls hanging out.  :)

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