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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have had a very eventful day..

I woke up this morning and spent some wonderful quiet time with the Lord before the kids woke up. We then went a few towns over to get Miss E some new shoes because hers are getting too small, and we needed to get Mr. L some baseball socks and an Easter basket. Well they had no baseball socks in his size, but did find a Lightning McQueen Easter basket. 

We went to Cici's for lunch. That was an experience! It's a good thing I prayed for patience this morning because I needed it during a lunch rush with two kids under the age of 5. Ha!

We then got home and went to our Movie Gallery that's closing (bummer) and they are having a closing sale. We bought a Wii game for Mr. L and then Kung Fu Panda for Miss E.  I studied this afternoon while the kids watched their movie or played on the wii.

I've enjoyed hanging out with the kids.  It's fun enjoying their personalities come out. Sometimes those quirks can drive me bonkers, but it's been a fun time the past few days hanging out with the kiddos.  Miss E defending her brother when I get on to him for something, Miss E sharing the food she doesn't want with me, playing the "call game" with Mr. L (a game he invented, I don't understand the rules), and just enjoying this time with them while they are little. Soon Mr. L will be in Kindergarten, and Miss E will be in pre-k ...uggg time flies.

I must admit I'm trying to get my studying done this afternoon, because this evening I'd like to watch The Princess and the Frog we bought today (can you tell a theme with us and animated films??).  I'm rather excited and have wanted to watch it since I first saw the previews.  In fact, I'm going to get off here, start dinner and read some of my chapter before sitting down for movie night and the "Princess and the Frog".

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