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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Been a busy holiday weekend

Christmas Eve was spent getting ready for Christmas with my mother and grandmother and family. God sent us a surprise and we had a snow storm so we had a white Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was so fun to watch the kids in the snow!!! Christmas Eve Candlelight Services was beautiful although it was entertaining with Miss E who didn't have a nap so she was in rare form.

Grandma bought Miss E a kitchen set with dishes and food. Miss E LOVED it!! She was being a brat and throwing fits. As soon as we brought out the kitchen set, she was hooked. She had her "baby" and she was busy playing. Landon had fun on his new toys as well.

Santa brought the kids a tricycle for Miss E and a new, fast nerf gun for Mr L. Mr L was soooo happy. Then we busted out of the house dressed in our new Christmas Clothes to leave for Granbury to spend time with Damon's family. Miss E got a real rocking horse and Mr. L got a Leapster handheld. Which he has barely put down since Christmas Day. Miss E also got a baby doll and stoller so she promptly put the baby in the stroller and then pushed it all around. We then left later in the afternoon and hauled booty on our way to Cranfills Gap to have Christmas with my family. We were there about an hour when I called in some help to meet Damon halfway between Hamilton and Gap to pick up Miss E because she was very tired and being very uncooperative. After she was gone, we were able to enjoy the evening a lot more without having to worry about her sneaking out and getting into their pool or falling down the stairs.

Saturday was a sad day for us. We had to go to a funeral for a friend of ours who was stabbed and died from his injuries. He left behind a lot of friends, a young wife, and grieving family. I guess with all of the preperations for Christmas with the family I didn't let myself think about it, so at the funeral, I really broke down. I guess since it was so tragic the circumstances by which it happened, it was so much more sad. By the time the funeral and graveside services were done, I was so drained, I real wasn't sure if I wanted to go to my family's Christmas. But we did go and had a good time.

Today's been a lazy day. I did some laundry, but not much. A friend of ours came by with her kids and hung out at our house. We warmed up leftover homemade quesadillas and tamales and I whipped up some homemade salsa, and we chowed down on that while the kids played. We talked and hung out. It was good to see her since they live near Houston and don't get down here that often. It was a great way to wind down the weekend, spending a lazy Sunday with a good friend and good food.

My baby girl turned two today!! I can't believe my baby is two!?!! We are going to have a little party for her New Year's Day. It's kind of sad that my baby is no longer a baby, and really she comes up with new things every day to do and say. My little curly top mop..I love her soooo much even though she sometimes causes me to pull my hair out of my head.

I guess I better get to folding and put away laundry, and get the kids ready for bed. But I'm gonna do that while watching the Cowboys play the Redskins. Go Boys!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh a white christmas

Here in Texas we actually had a white Christmas. We never have white Christmas's in our area so it was very special. The kids loved plating in the snow yesterday.
Christmas eve we went to candlelight services at church & then came home & opened gifts from nanny & my mom & family.
Grandma got the kids some great gifts but the favorite of the night was a full kitchen set she got Emma. Emma had a blast playing with it.

Santa brought Landon his nerf gum he wanted so badly & Emma a tricycle.

Today's a busy day, we're headed to granbury to spend time with Damon's family & them headed to Gap for Christmas with my family. The snow covering the ground is beautiful as we drive.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sadness and Joy

Today was a day, that I was just going to take care of cleaning my house for guests that will be coming over the holidays. But last night we received a call that changed us. A friend of ours called and said that his brother in law was involved in a fight and that he was stabbed. Damon has known his brother-in-law for several years and they are good friends. Then this morning around 4am our friend came by to let us know that he had passed away. During a season that is supposed to be joyous with the birth of our Savior and time with family, there is so much sadness. Our prayers go out to his family, his wife and his family.

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Well we had a great time at Damon's company Christmas party on Friday night. We then went out to the toad and had a few drinks with friends. Saturday Damon worked most of the day, and I was supposed to be cleaning house, but it din't work out that way. I was tired and had no motivation. We then went and cut firewood out at his mom's house.

Sunday we left early to head to Waco to do Christmas shopping. We had lunch with Damon's family and ate too good. Then we braved the crazy crowds at Waco, to pick up gifts for the family. Well while we were there, Damon's brother calls to let him know that his mother's truck has a dead battery in the Best Buy parking lot. We go over there and have to wait for the guys to go to Walmart to pick up another battery so they could get home. We had to do grocery shopping as well. We got home right at nine after leaving at 10 in the morning.

This morning I was looking forward to having a nice quiet day, cleaning house, taking it easy, washing laundry and reading a book our lovely elementary principal and vice principal got for us. Instead my son woke up with pink eye. I'm not entirely convinced it's pink eye since we were cutting firewood saturday and he was out there with us. I'm wondering if his allergies just went haywire. But we have some eye drops, and I'm washing sheets and other bedding and gonna have to bleach the house and make sure everyone washes their hands.

May have to wait until hubby comes home tonight to go to gym. I've missed my run the last two days. Although his aunt did tell me Saturday that she'll be running/walking in the 10k at Cowtown too. So I'll at least have someone there to go with, instead of waking my husband up at an un-Godly hour to go with me.

I'm hoping my family is healthy this Christmas, or it's gonna be a long holiday weekend!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost that time

Holidays usually mean one thing. Running around trying to get everything done before Christmas. It should be the time of craziness! I'm trying to be calm and remember the joy of the season, and honestly I have to remind myself of that quiet often.

But as the year winds down and we celebrate Christmas, I'm reflecting on the fact that I will be thirty next year. It's a little hard to believe! And even though it's six months away, several people I know are turning 30 and having a hard time with it. Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet, or maybe it won't because right now I'm at a really good place. At this time I'm not stressing about turning thirty. I think some of it has to do with some things

1) I have a great husband and kids. My husband drives me crazy sometimes, but those times are few and far between. Mainly he makes me laugh and teaches me to let go of the small stuff in life. My kids are the second loves of my life and I have to remind myself sometimes to slow down and take them in, because they are only young for a short time, and soon they will be celebrating all of their milestone birthdays.
2) I'm healthier than I've been in about ten to twelve years. Although I'm a little heavier than I was ten years ago, I'm healthier than I was then. My metabolism kept me skinny back then, now I can't do that! :) I have to watch what I eat and get my booty to the gym. I'm actually running and enjoying it. I ran my first 5k in August and plan to run a 10k in February. I love the way I feel after I work out, and it helps blow off steam and helps me to become a better wife and mother.
3) I'm returning to school for my master's. And although it's difficult because I don't qualify for financial aide since I'm only taking 3 hours a semester, I'm learning and enjoying it. Education is the one thing people can't take away. I know that this can get me more money, and if we ever do move out of Hamilton, a Master's degree will surely help out in the job front. I also like the idea of saying one day. "I have a Master's Degree."
4) I have great friends. Even though I may not see them everyday, both new and old friends alike are there when it counts. I know I can call up my girlfriends I've known since High school and they will be willing to lend and ear or two. And my new friends are a riot, and I love hanging out with them when we all get together.
5) I'm focusing more on my spiritual life and where I want it to go. It's a learning process. But each day I try to remember to ask God to mold me into the woman he wants me to be. There is a peace whenever I spend time alone and in His prescence, and I want more of that.
6) I have a job that I enjoy going to work each day, well most of the time!! I get off many times when my kids are off, and get to work with the most amazing people.

Maybe that's why I'm not freaking about turning 30 yet. (Notice I said yet, I have no clue how I'll be in about five months)I'm counting my blessings and realizing that my life is coming together in a place where I want it to be. It's a labor of love to keep it that way.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas lights & family bonding

It's become a tradition for us & my family to go see the Nature in Lights in belton. Last night we went & had family bonding. Although afterwards I wondered if family bonding is all it's cracked up to be!! Just kidding!

Miss Thing was so cute. She was looking at the window, and saying pretty!! It was so cute, and my son was just talking up a storm about the lights. They had a lot of fun. But Miss E was so tired of being in her carseat that when you tried to put her back in it after driving through she threw a HUGE fit.

Then when trying to go eat at the cracker barrel, we took a wrong turn & got lost in the burbs. I pulled out my map on my phone trying to explain to the hubby he needed to go left, & he's frustrated, & decides to go right. Well we end up more lost & at a dead end. I had to bite my lip to keep from telling him I told you so.

Finally get to the restaurant & of course the kids want to play in the store. Although by the time the food came they both dug in. We got home at nearly 11 & pretty much fell into bed.

That was enough fun to last me till next year. :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of the mouth's of babes

One day this past holiday weekend we were heading out to my mother-in-law's to spend time with my husband's family that were in for Thanksgiving. My dear son popped up from the back seat and stated "God sees everything that you do, even when you're in your house." I had to smile and tell him that yes, he does.

One day a few weeks ago, he also said that "God is stronger than the Hulk & Ironman." What can you say to that but, yes, He is.

Makes me think of all that I do at home and I need to watch what I say, do, and conduct myself around my children as well as out in the public. Because as my son knows, "God sees what you do." He knows when I lose my patience with my kids, or my husband. He knows when I feel loneliness and sadness wash over me when remembering my father or my best friend that I lost several years ago. He knows when I feel stressed out by pressures from family, work, or school. And I"m sure since God does know all these things, He knows if I turn to Him rather than crying, screaming, or cursing, things will get better. One of my favorite artists right now is Francesca Battistelli and she has one song that I really like that's called "It's your life." Here is the chorus that really goes along with what I'm trying to say..

It’s your life
What you gonna do?
The world is watching you
Every day the choices you make
Say what you are and who
Your heart beats for
It’s an open door
It’s your life

Lyrics by Francesca Battistelli & Ian Eskelin

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such a sad day..but I'm inspired

Yesterday and today are sad days for Hamilton. The historic Texan Theater, and one surrounding business were burned last night during a large fire. I believe a couple of businesses next door sustained smoke and water damage. I've heard several different stories about what happened and I'm not sure so I'll just keep my mouth shut so to keep my stories straight.

I'm so sad right now because that theater was destroyed. I had my first kiss in that theater, and went to several movies with girl friends from grade school and high school in that theater. We took Landon to see Wall-E when the sound wasn't working, but we still sat through the whole show. Landon enjoyed it, and the sound just enhanced the experience when we saw it at home. It was still pretty funny without the sound.

On a happier note, I've gotten inspired by my new washer and dryer. I've washed nearly everything in the house, and my house smells so good! But not only that I've vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, done laundry and basically spent the last two days cleaning. It's a rather nice feeling coming into a clean house, and not having to worry about doing the dishes, or laundry or stuff like that. Although I've spent hours cleaning the two days cleaning, I've also spent time with the family. We've spent a lot of time this past week out at Damon's mom's spending time with his aunts & grandparents that are in for thanksgiving. I think another reason I'm cleaning like a madwoman is because last year we had Christmas at our home for my mom's side of the family. I figured we'd do it again this year. So I know people will be in and out of my house this holiday season so I'm trying to get a jump start on the cleaning.

Maye this is a start of my resolution to get more organized and be better at keeping my home warm and inviting for my family and friends. Who knew it would take a new washer and dryer to give me the inspiration I needed??

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When you're an adult..

You know that you are an adult when you get excited about a washer and dryer. This weekend we went and bought a new front loading washer and dryer from Lowe's. After delay from the poor delivery man that was on his own, they were delivered this afternoon.

We went out to spend time with Damon's grandparents and watch a movie out at Damon's Mom's. We watched Angels & Demon's, which was actually a pretty good movie. Well, what I got to see when I was chasing Emma and Landon all over the house.

Back to the washer and dryer. When we got home after having "Movie night" with the in-laws, we started the washer with a load of clothes and I discovered two things
1) it is very, very quiet. I can barely hear it running
2) It says not to overload it, but I put a load I would normally put in my old washer, and it barely fills a 1/4 of it.

I had to give my husband a hug for the idea of the new washer and dryer. I always said if he gave me anything with a cord, I'd have to hurt him. But in this case I'll make an exception.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh what a day!!!

I was so excited because my washer and dryer were to be delivered tonight. However, the delivery man called at 8:30 pm saying they weren't going to make it. Really, I think I've figured it out by now. They asked when would be a good time to come back, so I told them tomorrow morning. I'm off tomorrow morning to go to the eye doctor. I'm hoping they'll come when I'm here at the house where Damon doesn't have to come home and miss work. I didn't want to schedule it tomorrow evening because tomorrow evening we are supposed to go to Damon's mom's to spend some extra time with his grandparents that are in.

We were going to try and see his grandparents today, however, a friend of ours smashed his finger while working on a tractor. They sent him up to the ER, but Damon called at 5pm saying that he had to drive our friend to Temple where they could look at his finger there. It pretty much destroyed the tip of it according to Damon. They got up to Temple about seven or seven thirty and Damon just now called saying he was leaving our friend with the nurse in one of the rooms, finally! Our friend's mom was up there with him so Damon came home.

Can't wait for Turkey Day on Thursday! I think we are getting it all done on thursday, so we are going to be stuffed eating with his family for lunch and my family that evening.

I saw this post on Facebook, and I'm carrying it over here.
What am I Thankful For??

1) My health and the health of my family
2) My wonderful, gorgeous husband who teaches me to let go of the small things
3) My children who light up my life and although they at times drive me bonkers, I can't imagine my life without the two of them
4) A job that I love, and actually enjoy going to each do
5) A roof over my family's head, and food on the table
6) My faith that sometimes, it's all that gets me through a crazy day

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to start anew!

It's almost time for new years resolutions and all that fun stuff, but I've started a bit early this year. Since joining the gym earlier in the year, I've lost weight & developed a definite "like" of exercise. Although it's really more of a love/hate relationship. I love how I feel & how I look, but I sometimes don't love the process it takes me to get there.

So for a new challenge, I'm taking on a 10k at the cowtown races in ft worth in February. I started training this week. I've got a schedule I'm gonna stick to in order to be able to run 6.2 miles in February. When I say that number, I get a little nervous. I think that weekend Damon's going with me to cheer me on & for us to have a little couple's weekend as well.

I'm also starting anew right now with my home life. I'm fairly organized when it comes to projects outside my home, but at home is a different story. My husband will tell you so!! I need to get more organized and on a schedule so I can clean, spend time with hubby, play with my kids, & have quality "me" time. The last three being the most important. May need to go back a few blogs to my list & revisit it to get things back in perspective.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009


All moms need a little pampering every now & then. Well really everyone needs some relaxation & pampering now & then. Right now I'm using my iPhone to write this as I'm getting a pedicure. We went to training in Austin and are spending the night. So we all decided to stop at the mall & get a pedicure & go shopping.

So now I'm getting pampered by having only my third pedicure in my life. My husband would say I'm spoiled, but I think not. I'm trying now to keep from laughing as this woman is rubbing my feet.

Wonder what they would say if I fell asleep in the chair?

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aww It's Over!!

I have to confirm it with Tarleton, but my stressing out about the GRE is over! I took it on Friday, and my lovely mother drove me to Waco to take the test. I was stressed out all week and before about everything, and tying to study for it. I basically stayed home and studied all week, didn't work out, and barely slept. I took it and made a 570 on the verbal and a 530 on the Math, so a combined score of 1100! Whoo-hoo!! I only needed to make a 570 to continue with graduate school. That also means that I could possibly be up for scholarships. I was so excited when I walked out of the testing facility Friday morning.
Mom and I left and went to go look for Halloween costumes and wound up at the mall. I found my new favorite store, Forever 21. Some of the stuff is too young for this woman. (There is just some stuff a woman shouldn't wear after she has kids) However, they had a lot of cute stuff. I walked out of there (Thanks to my momma! Love you mom!) with a pair of jeans, two dresses, and a really cute blue off the shoulder top, and three t-shirts. Mom was nice enough to pay for the majority of it as a great job on the GRE gift.
So I spent the weekend pretty much doing a lot of nothing. Well, I did dust and did the majority of our laundry. I finished my outline and turned it in a little while ago, and I did finally get to the gym today. I felt sooooo much better after getting a workout in.
Tomorrow starts the week all over again, and as a friend of mine said, its a chance to make this week better than the next. :) She's a true optimist. But this week, we may be having some friends for dinner Wednesday, and I got to pack because Thursday our department will be going to training for two days. Going to hopefully go to the gym every day except for maybe Thursday, and get back in my routine without the stress of studying for the GRE.
Fixing to turn off my computer and eat some ice cream my wonderful husband just brought me. Then it's time to get ready for bed. I may curl up with a book thats NOT a textbook or study guide before going to bed. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's always a choice

I started thinking about this blog earlier in the week. I thought it's a choice about what I eat. That got me thinking what other choices we have...

1). We have a choice on how we spend our time. I'd love to sit down & read a book or magazine. But I have to study for my grad classes & the GRE. That means instead of getting lost in a book, it's highlighting a textbook.

2). We have a choice on the time we spend with our significant other. Do you pass like two ships in the night? Or do you carve out of your busy schedule time to spend with them. Talk to them, LISTEN to them, and have fun together.

3). Time for yourself. This I find hard for me as a lot of women & Mom's understand. When the house needs to be cleaned, dishes washed, and kids demanding attention, it's hard to say "Hey!! Time out, I need an hour away!!". Even though I come back a much better person when I do.

4). Do I take time to take care of myself? This means eating right, exercising, & getting enough sleep (haha on the sleep one). I need time to myself to recharge or I wear down & get irritable. And I find I'm not as good as a wife or mother if I don't recharge. That also means spending time with God each day so he can recharge my batteries too.

Gotta get going...till next time

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Had a good weekend

Friday night was a little crazy. I had to work late working with someone up at school. Then Mom and I took the kids to Gatesville to go grocery shopping. Anyone with kids know how much fun that experience can be.

Saturday morning I woke up late since Miss E decided she was going to wake up from 1:30 to 3:30 am. She slept right along with me. Woke up and tried to get some things done because Damon wanted to take the boat up to Procter lake. We went over there and didn't catch anything but some bait fish, but we had a blast. Landon got to drive the boat. His expression was priceless.

Sunday we woke up and I made Mom a mint chocolate cake for her birthday. We went up to Nanny's and ate a spread of food. I am so miserable right now, and really want to take a nap. However I need to finish my outline so I may add some more to this later, but right now, Gotta run!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Need a day off...

Between work, school, kids, hubby, & housework I feel as though I need a day away, just me. Had Friday off, but I didn't count that due to the fact Emma was home with a stomach bug.

Damon was busy all weekend with his stuff & I had homework & a test due, so it was a crazy weekend. Then Monday I was crazy busy after we got home, but felt like I got nothing accomplished. Last night we had movie night with in-laws and after they left I passed out in my recliner & all the dishes are still waiting for me when I get home.

My home is a wreck and I need to clean it, but then I also need time to work out. I may skip the gym today & work up a sweat vacuuming, mopping, & laundry. And don't forget the dishes!!

I'm trying to get it in some semblance of order because I'll be gone all day Saturday for a seminar to help me prepare for the GRE. I may have to stop & get a pedicure on the way home.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Really quick.

In my crazy, hectic life right now things are moving at warp speed. Take this week for example, I have a Chapter Outline due Sunday, I'm going out with my friends on Wed (I haven't seen these girls together in forever, so I'm not skipping out), so I'm going to try and get my outline for class in Thursday. I have a test that is available starting Friday, so I want to do it on Friday afternoon before the weekend because this Saturday I would like to go to Austin to a TCEA conference about Iphones & then possibly shopping. Plus I have an Staff Parish Relations meeting for chuch on Sunday, and somewhere in all this, I have to study for my GRE test in four weeks. ****GULP****

My little girl is now obsessed with babies. She calls everything from a stuffed cat to a baby doll her "Babeee". Landon is learning things every day, and today we asked him to eat 10 bites of his burger before he was allowed to play a wii game. He was eating bites and I had a hard time keep a straight face with that one.

Gotta get back to my homework and work on my outline if I want to get it in before Thursday...listening to my husband yelling at the tv and the Dallas Cowboys...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So big

My kids are getting so big. Emma's learning new words every day. Her favorite thing is "bubble bath" & do a little dance. She'll put a little stuffed cat & "tickle" it while giggling & saying "tickle, tickle". It's so adorable!!

Landon is learning new things everyday too. It makes him feel great when Emma rushes up to him after school & hugs him tight. He notices little things now. Nothing gets past his little ears & sharp eyes.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ahhh Fall! Back to School Challenges

A low with a lot of rain came through on Thursday and has hung around till today. It's been absolutely wonderful considering we've had all the windows open for several days and just the fans on. This house just feels better when the windows are open and the cool breeze comes through. Don't ask me why, I just feel it.

I can't wait for the cool mornings of fall, when you need your jacket for the first few hours of the morning. It makes me think of football season, band trips to football games, hanging out with friends, and back to school.

Speaking of back to school. The last week in August I started my online program for my master's. I'm trying to adjust to working full time, being a good wife, mother, Christian woman, student, and keeping a home. I also have to study for the GRE that I have to take and pass in October to continue to be in the graduate program.

I am trying to manage my time better, and as many mom's can testify, it's HARD.
These are some things I'm trying to manage my time a little better:
1. I'm trying to lay out outfits the night before
2. pack the diaper bag the night before
3. Spend time daily with God and in prayer otherwise this plan won't work
4. Cut back on some volunteer activities
5. Learn to say NO to things that won't benefit me or my family
6. Let go of some of the less important housework in order to spend time with my husband & kids
7. Not neglect my exercise program because it's what keeps me healthy & sane
8. Carve out time to spend with my husband
9. Get up early to work on school work so my evenings can be dedicated to my family

I may need to print this list out and stick it to my fridge door or somewhere else I can see it everyday to remind myself of everything I need to do try to "balance" my life as much as possible.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy life

Between job, kids, husband, school, and the house it gets a little crazy "in my world" as Landon says. Today my goal is to go workout & then come home & work on my outline for class. I need to get better at managing my time, especially now that I'm in school again. I'm learning how to say "no" to things in an effort to do that.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Thanks Carrie for letting me know about this app for my iPhone. I keep on meaning to post to my blog & don't have time. Now I can from my phone. Yeah!!! So I hope to be able to post more often now.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just some quick thoughts...

I keep on meaning to come here and write some things down, but it's so crazy, anything not necessary goes by the wayside.

Well it's official, I've registered for classes and start taking my graduate classes to get my master's in information systems next week. I'm excited but extremely nervous about it. I'm a working mom of two, who's going back to school. YIKES!! I'm trying to get better at prioritizing and getting things down to a schedule so it will hel me once classes start. I'm praying a lot about it, and I'm trying to get something that works for me. I know that balance for a working mom is a complete illusion. Sometimes the scales tip one way, sometimes the other, but I'm gonna try.

Speaking of kids, Landon said the cutest thing last night. I was saying that if he picked up his room I'd give him a dollar. If he did more chores around the house I'd give him more money so he could buy some toy he wanted. He looked at me and said, but if you help me clean my room, you'll have the money to buy me the toy! See what I mean mom! I had to stop myself from bursting into laughter and rolling on the floor. I'm in awe of how quick their brains work. Then Damon tried to talk to him about earning money, and it all fell on deaf ears I'm afraid.

Well, the reason I actually have time to post this, is my wonderful mother just stopped by to see the kids. The last couple of times she's done this, Emma pulls on her hand and says "Go!!" And of course sucka grandma, takes her and Landon. They usually go up to Nanny's house. Well, I tried to tell her, "No, Emma, Grandma isn't taking you anywhere." You know to try and break the pattern, but Grandma took them back up to great-grandma Nanny's house for a little while. So I think I heard door's slamming, meaning their home. So, till next time!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We went to Granbury to spend time with Damon's grandparents and his family for the Fourth. We drove to Cleburne first to drop off Damon's boat because it's broke at the moment so they are working on it. Then we headed to Granbury. We got there late on Friday because we stopped to look at vehicles and got caught at a dealership. Uggg...after that experience I'll just be willing to keep my truck and forget a newer car. I'd like a SUV because I realize we'll not only be hauling our kids but other kids too so I figured it might be a good idea to get a bigger vehicle. But I think right now, I'd rather just keep my truck and say "forget about it" on the new vehicle.

We spent the night Friday night and then got up early on Saturday and went downtown to the Granbury parade. It was a blast but was so HOT!! Next year I will remember a hat, sunscreen, and water, and maybe a little squirt bottle. They had some older planes that flew over the square after a woman sang the Star Spangled Banner, they were really cool. We went home and ate and cooled off before taking Landon to Transformers 2. He enjoyed it but I think Damon and I had more fun at it than he did.

Saturday afternoon we spent in the pool with the kids and then that evening we had hot dogs & hamburgers and sat around visiting. That evening I went outside to get something and heard fireworks. Damon's grandparents house is a few miles out of Granbury and on a hill. We could see the whole town's fireworks displays. Not only the one over the lake but others as well all over the town. We had the best seat in the house. We left late that evening so we could spend Sunday at home and not have to fight traffic that day.

Tomorrow I'm planning the kids staying home ith me most of the day and then taking them to the babysitter's around 3 so I can go work out. We might go swimming or we might wait until Damon gets home to go out and swim later in the evening.

Gotta go change and get ready for our exercise class!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life Goes on..

Well right now I am sitting here writing this in an ICU room at Scott & White. My grandma, Nanny Helen, was sick startin last Thursday and wouldn't go to the doctor. By the time Mom convinced her to go yesterday they discovered she had a bleeding ulcer and she'd gone from her blood level being around 13 to a 7!!! They transported her to S&W by ambulance, which she griped the whole way about the gurney and the metal part right on your tailbone. :) But by the time she got here she looked better since the were pumping blood in her. She was also giving her doctors that performed the scope in her stomach a hard time, in a good way, asking if they were going to take care of her.

The found two ulcers in her stomach, one they were able to cauterize, the other was so deep they didn't want to poke into it too much in fear they'd go through the tissue. They are going to try and control it with medicine and diet I suppose.

Now we are waiting on them to transfer her to another room. I know hospitals don't get in any hurry when they do transfers. I know, I've been there...

Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday they'll let her out. They want to keep her just to make sure she doesn't bleed anymore after the procedure.

I'm tired. We got home at about 11 last night, I got to bed about one and then got up this morning a little before 8, dropped off kids, went to the gym & ran a little over a mile, went home to get ready and drove up here in the rain.

One day I might get to my house to clean it and relax on my vacation...but I praise the Lord that this wasn't any worse than what it was. And I thank all of those who prayed for us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New ways to love...

All the mom's out there will know what I'm talking about in this blog. Last night I got home from the Leadership Hamilton Alumni mixer and came home to two kids bathed and ready to go to bed. Damon had sat outside with them in the front yard and had them playing in a small kiddie pool Grandma Pod had bought. As I was trying to get them to venture toward their beds, Emma hopped on Damon who was sitting in the floor. She started squealing as Daddy' picked her up and had her "high in the sky." Then of course Landon had to get in on the fun and soon they were all in the floor playing and giggling. There is nothing in the world like the sound of a kid laughing.

I realized again just how much I love my husband. I remember reading in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book and one line struck me and I think of it. It says "You'll fall in love with your husband again after you have kids." It is so true. You fall in love with your kids father and the qualities that being a great dad bring out in men. The way they hold a newborn baby, the first time their kid smiles at them and the look on their face, or the sound of "Daddy do it again!"

I have a wonderful husband who also happens to be a GREAT father. I told him that last night too, that I love watching him with the kids and it makes me fall in love with my husband all over again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh my goodness...

Can't believe it's this hard getting back in the groove. With everything that happened last week and then going to the river this weekend, I hadn't been to the gym in 5 days. Well I went to Step Class yesterday at the fitness center, and I was sweatin and huffin & puffin like it was my first time. And then today when we did circuit training, it was the same thing again. I sweated through my clothes and I swear you'd think it was my first time. I can't imagine how it's going to be for someone who worked out for awhile, took a couple of months off ( know who you are) and then they may come back later. You're body forgets quickly what it's supposed to do. I'm going to be really sore tomorrow. Uggg...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

So much to tell...

With all that has happened over the past few days even weeks, I can't believe I have time to write this. Last Monday, we went up to the ICU in the VA in Temple to go check on Damon's dad. He wasn't doing so well. He had sepsis of the blood, pnuemonia, and a UTI infection. Well, on Wednesday, Damon, Derrell, & Lonnie went up there because the doctors wanted to discuss his prognosis. They wanted to pull the ventilator off. It wasn't 30 minutes after they took him off the breathing machine and he was gone. On Thursday I went to work for about an hour and then went with Mom Thompson to the funeral home to make arrangements. And then I went with her to go pick out some clothes for Tom to wear. Then Friday we had the full military funeral at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetary in Killeen.

The military funeral was awe-inspiring. They had a chaplain say a few words and then they played taps. I bawled...they folded the flag...I of the men leaned down to give the flag to Lonnie and thank her for her husband's service...I bawled. Then they were ushering us out because they basically squeezed us in and there was another funeral coming in. About that time, our friend, Zack and his brother-in-law Mike got there just as they were loading Tom in the van to take him to where he would be buried. Zack stopped them so he could pay his respects. And Mike walked up beside him. I turned around and Mike, who's in the army, was saluting Tom as they loaded him in the van..I bawled. Then Mike presented Lonnie with a gold star pin...I bawled some more. I won't speak ill of Tom now that he's gone, but he and his family had some issues that were mainly his problems he took out on them. Their relationships were strained to say the least. But after he was diagnosed with dementia, I think it was easier for Damon to excuse some of his Dad's behavior because he really wasn't himself. Damon's been fishing with Zack the Thursday before the funeral and their out now, so I imagine he's getting his time in with his friends talking it out.

We left after the memorial to go floating down the Guadalupe river with some friends of ours. It was a blast, and for once Damon got sunburned worse than me, Snow White. We drank a lot of beer, ate, and spent some much needed time with friends.

When we got home, it was so nice to be home with our kids, Landon's fixing to go to bed. He's finishing up Mythbuster's, one of his favorite tv shows, and Emma's in bed. She's not happy about it, but she's in bed. I'm fixing to wrap this up, load the dishwasher, put Landon to bed, take a quick shower, and then lay in bed. bed sounds really good. I'm going to try and finish Twilight tonight and start on New Moon. Friday is my last day at work for a month!! Yay!!!! Not that I don't love my job..but a break will be good.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Ambition & Addiction

Ok- At one point in time in my life, I smoked cigarrettes. I know, shame on me, but I was young and dumb. I haven't smoked them in about seven years. When I gave up smoking, I picked up a new addiction, magazines. I subscribe to Parenting, Parents, Self, Shape, Redbook, Working Mother, Cosmo and Glamour. I'm dropping a few because I don't read all of them. But I've found a new addiction to get hooked on...exercise..particularly jogging. My mom bought me a membership to the gym here in town for Christmas. I worked out on my own for awhile before getting talked into some classes the gym offered by some of my co-workers. I go to step class two days a week, circuit class two days, and now the instructor has us doing Water aerobics on Fridays. But I find myself on the treadmill jogging and having some fun..not saying it's on par with hanging out with Lisa, Bev, and Kimberly at the Toad talking and drinking...but fun and stress relief still. And better for my waistline..wink..

My instructor Kim had us run outside last Monday when no one was at class. We jogged 2.4 miles, jogging 3 minutes and then walking 1 minute. I didn't quit. Yes me the person that said the only way she would run is if a knife-wielding psycho was chasing her. I was red, out of breath, and had a stitch in my side, but by darn-it I didn't quit.

So working out is my new onto my new ambition. My big thing is to run the 5k in September and then train to run the 10k at the Cowtown Races in Ft. Worth in February. I printed out the training for the 5k and I started it today. I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill. My plan is to go forward with the training and then the month of August run the actual course.

I'm hoping training for the 5k will help me lose the last 15 to 17 pounds to my goal weight. Plus having Kim and the other girls in my class push me helps out a lot.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going shopping for my birthday. Now, technically my birthday isn't for 2 weeks, but I wanted clothes for my birthday and I figured we could hit the memorial day sales. My husband says we're crazy for braving the crazy people. But I doubt it will be as bad as Black Friday. I shiver just thinking about it.

Landon has finished t-ball and we are so proud of him!! It was a great season and I couldn't have asked for a better coach than the team he had. He's growing and just amazes me with the stuff he picks up.

Emma's saying bye-bye and hi. It takes forever to get through the grocery store because she has to tell EVERYONE hi and of course, who can just walk by and not talk to the cute curly haired baby waving hi??

We are blessed with two beautiful, smart, and healthy kids. Thank God for that!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer almost here

I can't believe we only have two more weeks of school left. Of course it doesn't really count for us in the technology department which have to work for another month!!

Landon got out of school this week, and they had an end of the year party for them. It was so fun! They had little stations set up with a ring toss game, bean bag toss, jumpy house, and bowling. They had face painting and snacks. Damon and I both went and had a blast.

Gaga is going crazy making stuff for little missy. The picture above is one of the outfits she made for her. We're blessed to have someone that loves to do that for our little girl.

We don't have to many plans for Memorial Day since Damon will be on call. But on Monday, I'm dropping the kids off at Gaga's and then Mom and I are going shopping for my birthday!! Yeah!!! My birthday isn't till the 6th of June but I figure we can hit some good sales that day. My clothes are all too big. (Love that feeling, by the way) Then the 6th we're having people over for my birthday, then one weekend in June we are going down the Guadalupe river with some friends, and then in July or August we are going down to the coast and take the kids. Summer is filling up fast and it's not even here yet!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here is Landon's singing at his easter program

Landon had his Easter program at school today. It was so cute and the kids had so much fun.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Landon's First T-ball game

Landon had his first t-ball game today. It was so hilarious!! I try not to take this sports thing too seriously. Especially at this age. Like a friend of mine said, "In t-ball if you can get them to run the bases the right way, and not field as a herd, then you've done your job."

It was great. So much fun. Landon was running around playing before they started. And then he got up to bat. He hit the ball off the tee and started running. The first time he got up to bat he got all the way around to third base. Damon got talked into being the third base coach for this game. Another kid came up to bat, they knocked the ball off the tee!! And Landon takes off....back toward second base. He makes it all the way back to first. I'm fact I think everyone's laughing at my son as he passes his teammate as he's running. After we've batted, they all take off back to the outfield. Landon decides it's great fun to run for the ball and do a stop..drop..and roll maneuver. Landon also decides to do this every time anyone hit's the ball. My son is rolling across the baseball diamond the whole second half of the game.

Damon joked with one of the coaches, Mark, "Can't you control your players better than that?" And then one of the other dad's asked Damon, "Whose that number 2?" Knowing full well whose child it was, Ours!! Damon said, "I'm not sure who's child that is, where are his parents???"

It's all fun and a great story to tell over and over again, especially when he's older.

Just another day in paradise....

We spent this weekend going from 90 mph to about 5 mph on Sunday, and I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Went over to Gatesville Friday after work to get groceries and didn't get home till about 7pm. Damon had John Deere Day on Saturday so we went out there for a couple of hours. Emma and Landon had fun riding on the Kiddie train and Emma enjoyed just staying outside and climbing on the lawn mowers. We came home and rested and then went to the tractor pull in Priddy. We took Landon and hung out with some friends. I figured out my son can sleep through ANYTHING! About 11pm we looked over at Landon who hadn't moved in his lawn chair in awhile and he was fast asleep. He had ear muffs on to protect his ears, but some of those trucks and tractors were pretty loud and he was out. We didn't make it home till about 1 am Sunday morning. Then on Sunday, Damon and I let the kids play in the house and we caught up on some of our tivo'd shows. So there wasn't really a whole lot going on in the Thompson household on Sunday.

Now it's back to 90 mph again. I have to go work out after work, Landon's got a t-ball game and pictures at 5:30, then go make cookies for Landon's easter party tomorrow, stuff easter eggs, and get both kids in bed by 8:30.

Plus my husband told me yesterday when we were discussing our upcoming anniversary in June, that it was my turn to plan an anniversary surprise since he did it last time. Two years ago when I was a couple of months along with Emma, Damon told me we were going to be gone for the weekend. He just told me to pack light and he arranged for a babysitter for Landon. He borrowed a friends Harley Davidson and we rode up to Granbury, rented a motel, and then we took a sunset cruise on the boat that cruises Granbury lake. Then on Sunday we drove home. It was absolutely the best because I didn't have to think of anything. Last year we had no money because....well we never have any money with two we went to the Horny Toad for our anniversary dinner and got a surprise when Darryl Dodd was there playing. So it turned out great. So now it's my turn to plan something for our anniversary, and see my birthday is the day before. Yes, I did that on purpose, which means if Damon forgets one, he forgets both, and he's screwed. So now I'm trying to think of something relatively cheap to do, since we are going to the River with some friends a few weekends after my birthday/anniversary weekend.

The problem with Damon is he likes to fish & hunt & golf. Now I like to fish and golf, but not really on my anniversary. I've enlisted the help of two of his friends to try and help me think of something to do for him.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Playing Hooky...sort of..

I feel like I'm playing hooky today. Belinda had me pick up the kids early yesterday so I missed getting my butt kicked at circuit class. She said her stomach was upset and wanted to rest. Well I'm in the middle of getting ready this morning and my phone rings. Yup, it's my babysitter calling in sick today. I have some vacation days still for work, so it's not that big of a deal, but none of us are sick so I feel like I'm playing hooky.

So far the day has been pretty good. Landon and I played the wii this morning. He whooped me in bowling, I beat him in golf, and we both won one match in tennis. We all walked down to mom's work this morning before it started getting cold to give her Landon's t-ball schedule. It was nice and we walked the couple of blocks, then played over at the basketball court on the way back. Emma and Landon were fascinated with one of the holes in the court where the tennis net poles used to into. They were filled with water, so of course sticks and rocks and fingers had to go in these holes. We went and washed and vacuumed out my truck. Then came home and fixed lunch and then Miss Princess went down for her nap.

She is now awake and running around with my phone calling the first number in the phone book. Even if I lock the thing, she figures out how to unlock it by just pressing buttons and I wind-up getting a call from someone asking if I called them. Oh well.

I'm fixing to break down and light the heaters. With this crazy weather we're having it's 80 degrees one week and then a cold front comes through and it's knocked down to 50 degrees during the day and freezing a night.

Anyone reading this that would like to have their booties whipped into shape, come join us at the gym here in town at 4pm Monday - Thursday. I'm taking a step class Mondays and Wednesdays, and then we've started circuit training on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I was soooooo sore from last Tuesday. But I at least feel like I'm actually doing something.

Well it's time to get back to my kiddos...Emma walked by me and I think somebody's rotten...why is it kids wait till you get a new diaper on them before they decide to fill it up???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommy Guilt

Ahhhh the mommy guilt. It comes and it goes, just when I think I have everything together, something happens to make it all go off track. Landon’s t-ball coach left a message on my cell phone saying we were having practice tomorrow . I got the message yesterday. I called him back and said “Ok, we are having practice tomorrow at 5:30.” That would be practice Wednesday. Then today he calls and said “Where were ya’ll yesterday? We had practice.” I’m like “Huh????” Turns out he left that message on my phone later in the evening on MONDAY, meaning practice was on Tuesday. Ugggg, so Landon has practice on Thursday. But the damage has already been done.

So now I’ve got the case of the mommy guilt’s coming again. You know, the ones that come when you drop your baby off with their babysitter the first time you go back to work, or having to leave a sick child with someone because you can’t take off, or when you’re gone from them for work for a couple of days and something minor or major happens and you are not there. I was at my desk trying not to let my emotions get the better of me. I know in the grand scheme of things, missing one practice is not going to derail my son from any kind of sport, but keeping up with this stuff is my job, and I whoopsed it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Trip to Whitney Lake

Our trip started off without any major problems other than it was cold and wet. Who would’ve thought in March it would be 37 degrees and rainy the weekend of spring break? So we get to Whitney and set up the camper. Emma’s not to happy to be out of her comfort zone and Landon is bouncing off the walls with excitement at the thought of staying in the “Bus.” We play go fish and snack and unpack a few things. By 10:30 we are trying to watch a movie on my laptop. Emma wants to keep pressing buttons thus ensuing choruses of “EMMA!!!” She is sooooooo tired she can barely hold her eyes open but refuses to lie down. I take her out for a drive but I’m afraid if I go out the front gate, it will lock behind us and there will be no way back in, so I just do figure 8’s around the campsite on the grounds. Not very exciting but it does get the job done. She’s FINALLY asleep. Landon passes out in a pallet on the floor and Damon and I finally pass out in bed, but it’s not our bed and with it being a new place, Emma wakes up, so it’s not exactly a restful, peaceful night.

The next morning Emma desperately wants to go outside. We do, but it’s misting and about 43 degrees. Damon’s still snug in the bed while I’m outside chasing down munchkins and making sure Emma doesn’t fall off the benches. Which she does, by the way. The girl has her Mamma’s grace, what can I say. Damon wakes up but as he’s trying to get dressed Landon and I keep poking our heads in the camper for this and that, so it takes him longer than necessary because he’s trying to duck and cover anytime we open the door. Finally drag Emma inside, Landon’s had enough about 15 minutes ago, he said it was TOO cold. After sitting in the camper for another hour to hour and a half listening to a very tired 14 month old whine, we decide to take a road trip. This is after I bat around the idea in my head to call my mother and see if she’ll pick up the kids in Meridian and then Damon and I can have a few nights to ourselves…..sounds promising. This is why God said we should pray, and why He gave us Xanax. We cruise around Whitney Lake and Laguna Park. Not much to see but it does kill time, and gives the Princess some time to sleep.

We get back to the camper and place outside for a little while since the temperature is up some more. Emma and I go to the tiny playground by our campsite and play while Damon and Landon cook hot dogs and Landon rides his bike. We come inside to eat and Miss Thing has to sit in my lap and eat my food while I try to eat my food. It’s still pretty cold and windy. The kids and Damon start playing with toy cars having a good ole time while I do the dishes. Emma finds her toy vacuum and then decides it great fun to drag my purse behind her. We spend Saturday afternoon watching another movie on my laptop and trying to keep the kids from bugging each other and us. We all kind of laze around, me reading, Damon cat napping, Landon watching Transformers, and Emma basically getting into anything within reach. We’re all waiting for tomorrow and the warmer, sunny day it’s supposed to be bring.

The second night here went A LOT smoother than the first. We ate sloppy joes and macaroni and cheese. Damon went down and took a shower and I gave the kids a bath in the camper. The kids got ready for bed and I gave her Emma her bottle. Damon had a brilliant idea to put the pack & play that we brought that we don’t really have room for on the back bed so Emma could be in some place familiar and be closed off from us. We turned her lullaby CD in the stereo and put her in the pac & play about 3 foot off the ground in a camper bed. Landon wants to sleep on the floor. I’ve had to get Damon to reach in there a couple of times to get some things because I can’t reach. But tonight was definitely better. She squawked a little but not the full out screaming she was doing last night. So much less stressful. My husband is a certified parental genius. Landon and us stayed up till nearly 11 playing Go Fish, and had so much FUN playing it. Landon couldn’t play poker. One, he can’t really tell his numbers. Sometimes he’ll ask for a 3 and he doesn’t even have one, he just kind of goes by the picture. And then two, he shows you every card he draws and he giggles. Not really ready for the World Poker Tour I listened to several chorus’s of “Awesome Daddy! I booted up the computer to write down some notes of our day while I was waiting on them to finish the Go Fish game. One thing about Landon, we may need to take him to Vegas. He won, I think, every single game. And then when Damon finally made the choice to not “Let” Landon win, Landon won by default as well, because they TIED! If you see us with a sign that says Vegas or Bust when he’s of age, it’s all because of the games of Go Fish we played over the weekend. We capped off the night by Landon watching some Diego for a few minutes when he passes out.

Sunday started off well. I woke up before my family as usual and took advantage of the peace and quiet by finishing off one of the Christian chick-lit novels I was reading. Sooo good by the way, The Prince Charming List by Kathryn Springer. Emma woke up first, of course. She and I went outside for a little while which meant me in my red yoga pants that I thank God that I’ve been working out a little bit, because only my family sees me in them because they are skin tight and a t-shirt and Emma in her footie pajamas and tennis shoes. Yes, did I mention that we are Redneck??? That gave Damon and Landon a good 45 extra minutes of snooze time. It was warmer than yesterday but the clouds were still hanging around. We got dressed, ate some breakfast, and went out on the boat to try and do some fishing. Sitting on the boat trying to fish you were fine, but going across that water late in the morning it was really quiet chilly, plus Emma was being a demanding Diva, because she had missed her nap. We got out of the boat and decided to go to another park that had a playground shaped like a ship. It was about a mile down the road. We didn’t get to the gate and Emma was passed out. So we parked the truck close to the playground and Damon and I played with Landon and checked in on Emma every so often. It was fun to just be the three of us every now and then, like it was before Miss Demanding came along. I sometimes miss the times when it was just the three of us, not that I don’t LOVE Emma, it’s just that those days were special and precious. These days are special as well, but like the song says “it won’t be like this for long” so I try to thank God every day for my healthy and loving children and husband, because soon, they won’t be so little anymore.

Sorry, got sidetracked. We let Emma sleep for about an hour and then went back to our campsite. By that time the sun was coming back out and boy did it feel GOOOD. We played outside nearly the whole afternoon. We went down to the water and the shore, which someone should tell these people the bank is supposed to be dirt, because here, it is all rocks. We skipped rocks and Emma had a blast doing just like Daddy and Landon throwing tiny rocks in the water. Landon rode his bike up and down the side road, and is really getting good at it. Damon went fishing out on the boat again and caught a 22 inch and 5 pound striper and another smaller fish. He was so excited because we didn’t get a bite earlier. And I packed the base part of the electric knife but no blades. Yeah, that might have helped. Oh Well, put the fish on ice and decided to cook steaks. While Damon was fishing the kids and I went to the little park next to our campsite and they went down the slide and climbed and basically had a blast. Got the kids in bed by 10 pm on Sunday night. Landon wanted to watch Transformers, but didn’t get twenty minutes into it before he passed out. I kept asking Damon if we are leaving at 8am tomorrow, because I’m ready for my bed and my shower, my house, my food, more room than a 16 foot trailer, well you get the idea. It works out that Damon ran all the gas out of the boat, which means that we can’t take it out tomorrow unless we put more gas in it. Which didn’t budget for that, so darn it!!!

It’s been a great weekend, really it has. I had so much fun today when it was warmer and the sun decided to come out. Landon and I played go fish outside at the table while Emma wanted to sit in my truck and push buttons, and I made sure the keys were out of the truck. It was nice to spend time together without a tv, a game system, and all the other stuff at the house that seems to distract us from spending time together. I got some good pictures of Damon and the kids down by the water, and Landon took a great picture of me and Damon. I have a few clumps of hair missing, but I think the memories and laughs from the trip outweigh the “Oh my Goahhh” pull your hair out moments. We spent quality family time together and had a lot of fun. Oh and poor Emma brought home a few parting gifts, included a bruised forehead from either banging into one of the cabinets or falling off the bed, I’m not sure. Then she fell down on the boat while we were not moving, and the boat kind of listed a little and she fell down and skinned her nose.

Well, as soon as we got up we started packing up. But Landon’s stomach started bothering him. He had to use the bathroom several times, and then when we were at the dump station I heard “Momma! Momma!” Yup, it wasn’t pretty, there was a severe mess in the floorboard of the truck. The bad thing was that we had used all the clothes up, and he got it on his shoes and socks. We had no socks and shoes for him, so he was wearing his houseshoes, no socks, and some pants I had dug in the diaper bag and found.

We got home and unloaded and poor Landon is still running to the bathroom. And then after eating dinner, Emma made a noise and then suddenly there was throw-up all over her and the floor. The bad thing she was sitting in my lap. We got her to the bathtub, and she seemed like she felt better. So I’m hoping we didn’t pick up anything while camping. I’m hoping Landon feels better tomorrow because we have t-ball practice.