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Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost that time

Holidays usually mean one thing. Running around trying to get everything done before Christmas. It should be the time of craziness! I'm trying to be calm and remember the joy of the season, and honestly I have to remind myself of that quiet often.

But as the year winds down and we celebrate Christmas, I'm reflecting on the fact that I will be thirty next year. It's a little hard to believe! And even though it's six months away, several people I know are turning 30 and having a hard time with it. Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet, or maybe it won't because right now I'm at a really good place. At this time I'm not stressing about turning thirty. I think some of it has to do with some things

1) I have a great husband and kids. My husband drives me crazy sometimes, but those times are few and far between. Mainly he makes me laugh and teaches me to let go of the small stuff in life. My kids are the second loves of my life and I have to remind myself sometimes to slow down and take them in, because they are only young for a short time, and soon they will be celebrating all of their milestone birthdays.
2) I'm healthier than I've been in about ten to twelve years. Although I'm a little heavier than I was ten years ago, I'm healthier than I was then. My metabolism kept me skinny back then, now I can't do that! :) I have to watch what I eat and get my booty to the gym. I'm actually running and enjoying it. I ran my first 5k in August and plan to run a 10k in February. I love the way I feel after I work out, and it helps blow off steam and helps me to become a better wife and mother.
3) I'm returning to school for my master's. And although it's difficult because I don't qualify for financial aide since I'm only taking 3 hours a semester, I'm learning and enjoying it. Education is the one thing people can't take away. I know that this can get me more money, and if we ever do move out of Hamilton, a Master's degree will surely help out in the job front. I also like the idea of saying one day. "I have a Master's Degree."
4) I have great friends. Even though I may not see them everyday, both new and old friends alike are there when it counts. I know I can call up my girlfriends I've known since High school and they will be willing to lend and ear or two. And my new friends are a riot, and I love hanging out with them when we all get together.
5) I'm focusing more on my spiritual life and where I want it to go. It's a learning process. But each day I try to remember to ask God to mold me into the woman he wants me to be. There is a peace whenever I spend time alone and in His prescence, and I want more of that.
6) I have a job that I enjoy going to work each day, well most of the time!! I get off many times when my kids are off, and get to work with the most amazing people.

Maybe that's why I'm not freaking about turning 30 yet. (Notice I said yet, I have no clue how I'll be in about five months)I'm counting my blessings and realizing that my life is coming together in a place where I want it to be. It's a labor of love to keep it that way.

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