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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well Plans changed..

We had planned on heading over to a nearby town to go to a water park this evening. Well first thing my son woke up running temperature and saying that his throat hurt. I gave him some medicine and hoped it would get better. Fever climbed back up a few hours more medicine and the decision that maybe going to the water park wasn't going to happen today.  Called the doctor and we can't get in till tomorrow. Darn it!!

My husband took off today to spend time with the family before we leave with some friends for a cruise next weekend. So he stayed with the kids while I went to the gym to burn off frustration of cancelled plans.  Stopped by the grocery store after getting my butt kicked in circuit class..and the sky opened up.

What is this wet stuff we haven't seen here in two months?!?? Could it be rain. So I guess God had it under control after all. We would have been either on our way to the water park or in the pool, and they likely would have had to pull us out because of the weather.  The water park will be there next time, my husband bonded with Mr L over video games all day. And we got some much, much needed rain. I say it's been a blessed day over all. :)

Oh ...and we are waiting on news from a friend of mine about her baby that should be born soon!! So excited!! Congrats Kate & Lane!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday we left to spend the weekend with some friends of ours in Houston. We left after Damon got off work at 5 and drove to Anauhac to see them and another guy that Damon knew. We got there at ten that evening and got to Jamie's house and had an amazing time at a crawfish boil. Their family is from Louisiana, and boy can they cook the crawfish!! It was amazing...I decided at that time that my diet might as well be chunked out the window for the weekend.

We then left late that night..or really, really early Saturday morning, however you want to look at it to go to our friend's house in Houston. They have three kids of their own so, it was a madhouse. We woke up Saturday morning and visited Damon's brother in Woodville and then came back to Kim & Clint's.  We took the kids out to the San Jacinto river and they swam and had a blast out in the river. It was nice and calm, a sandy beach, and a great relaxing time.  That evening we cooked spaghetti & picked up some garlic bread at a Little Cesar's and vegged at the house. It was absolutely what I needed after the hectic pace at work here lately. Miss E & Mr L had a blast playing with their kids, and Miss E charmed everyone with her toddler chatter and big personality.  Mr. L was as sweet as ever and had a blast in the river when the guys were tossing him into the water and wrestling with the other boys.

Then Sunday while the husbands were out fishing, Kim & I took the kids to the pool in their subdivision, which was really, really nice. Then after the husbands had a nap after fishing all night and early morning, we all went back down to the river to veg out and hang out some more.

Damon and I packed up the kids and left this morning. I wanted to get an early start so we could get home early in the afternoon. Well...things didn't happen that way. It was raining on us and heavens to Betsy...those people in Houston CAN'T drive in the rain. (Sorry to those that are transplanted and actually can drive, but from what I saw today, I would have a nervous breakdown living and working and fighting that traffic. Makes me shiver even thinking about it)  We missed our exit because of the rain, so we tried to make our way around thanks to my IPhone and google maps. However, the highway we took was snarled up because of an ice cream truck wreck.(Insert joke here)  Then that unwound and I told the husband the exit we were supposed to take was backed up because of a wreck. So we decided on another way around. After exiting on the highway and driving through about 15 stoplights on this one road, you think I"m exaggerating, but sadly, I'm not, we get to the road we need to be on. And guess what....YUP...ANOTHER accident. Now I'm not saying these accidents happened because people in Houston drive crazy, no, it was the other drivers trying to get around the accident or slamming on their brakes for no apparent reason that have the issues.  My husband used to go to school in Houston, and after seeing him today...we couldn't live there now.  He would have a coronary dealing with the traffic.

Damon's off tomorrow as well so after spending the day unpacking and doing laundry tomorrow, we are taking the kids to a water park in a nearby town and then out to pizza for dinner. I think we are going to take our nephew which should be fun. Maybe I'll get some pictures this time!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - summer

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mom Sexy Prom 2010

I've mentioned a few times that I've been following Mary on her blog The Mommyologist and her crusade to bring "Mom Sexy" back. I find her blogs uplifting, inspiring, and making me think about myself as a mom in a whole new way. One challenge that she issued to us mom's out there is to have a Mom Sexy Prom 2010 where we pull dresses out of closet that we either never have an occasion or sometimes the "guts" to wear. Well after thinking and standing in my closet for a half hour yesterday trying to decide what to wear to the prom, I pulled out a dress I love.

I have to say I LOVE this black wrap dress. It makes me feels so sexy and feminine every time I put it on. I can dress it up like today, or dress it down with a jean jacket and flip flops. And no matter what, I feel MOM sexy when I wear it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Here's to all the Father's out there. And to my special, handsome hubby, happy Father's Day!! I love him & he's the greatest dad to our two little munchkins.

Getting ready to go fishing with Dad

First ride without training wheels

I love you Babe! Thank you for being you!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Late wordless Wednesday - on Thursday

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mom's sick day

I would like to know when Mom's get a sick day?!? As usual I've tried to do to much & worn myself down. My allergies hit me & infection set in.

Luckily for me, I have backup, & her name is momma, aka Grandma. My hubby had to work late earning extra money so we can have a good time on our cruise with extra cash. I called on grandma to help me with the kids. She picked them up, got them dinner, & let me sleep.

I have no clue how people that live away from families or helpful friends have any sanity. I rely on my family so much to help me with the kids.

Anyone know where Mom's can apply for sick days? Where if you're sick you are sent a highly qualified replacement to care for your Kids & do the housework as well. Maybe a new business venture???

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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Friday!!

I love my job...I love my job...this week is one of those weeks I have to keep repeating that to myself. I love the people that I work with, but computers tend to be like women with PMS! They have a mind of their own & their b*tchy.

Luckily this week I had some great downtime to help me decompress. I went with my babysitter, her daughters, & their kids to the waterpark. It was so much fun!! We went out to eat afterward which was crazy, with 6 adults & 6 kids.

Then last night I met some friends at a local restuarant for some drinks & dinner. I had a blast! We were loud & fun, and was just what I needed after the week I've had.

But now it's Friday & we don't have anything planned this weekend, this is the first weekend in awhile we don't have anything planned & also the last weekend we don't have anything planned. I plan on doing not a lot...

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Monday, June 7, 2010

I have hit the big 3-0!

Well, I had a crazy busy weekend. Friday night I was Team Captain and Emcee of the Relay for Life event here in our town. Then on Saturday, my cousin was married and had an absolutely beautiful wedding, and reception.  Congrats to Breanne & Robert!!

Then on Sunday, I turned the big 3-O!! We went to church and then came home. My husband got my family and in-laws together for a birthday lunch. We had ham, green beans,  fruit salad, shupeg corn, homemade bread, and strawberry cake with whipped topping. It was absolutely delicious. Then after a luxurious nap, Damon and I went out to dinner and a movie for my birthday/our anniversary. 

Our anniversary dinner was at Cici's. LOL! It was sooo romantic! But we got over there about an hour before the movie was supposed to start. I didn't want to chance getting stuck in a resturant and having to rush through dinner.  We went & saw Prince of Persia. I thought it was going to be corny, but it was actually pretty good.  Plus staring at Jake Gyllenhal for two hours with that ripped body of his, wasn't my idea of just the most awful time. :)

So now I'm 30 and today we've been married for 7 years today. I have to say either I'm in shock and I don't really know I'm 30, or I'm cool with being 30.  I have a wonderful, sexy husband and two kids that drive me crazy but I adore them more than words can say. I do enjoy my job, and I have to say I'm the healthiest I've been since probably high school.  My life is going pretty well, so I really have nothing to stress over...

Gotta's about my bed time!! Plus I have to put my daughter to bed for the umpteenth time!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


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