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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well Plans changed..

We had planned on heading over to a nearby town to go to a water park this evening. Well first thing my son woke up running temperature and saying that his throat hurt. I gave him some medicine and hoped it would get better. Fever climbed back up a few hours more medicine and the decision that maybe going to the water park wasn't going to happen today.  Called the doctor and we can't get in till tomorrow. Darn it!!

My husband took off today to spend time with the family before we leave with some friends for a cruise next weekend. So he stayed with the kids while I went to the gym to burn off frustration of cancelled plans.  Stopped by the grocery store after getting my butt kicked in circuit class..and the sky opened up.

What is this wet stuff we haven't seen here in two months?!?? Could it be rain. So I guess God had it under control after all. We would have been either on our way to the water park or in the pool, and they likely would have had to pull us out because of the weather.  The water park will be there next time, my husband bonded with Mr L over video games all day. And we got some much, much needed rain. I say it's been a blessed day over all. :)

Oh ...and we are waiting on news from a friend of mine about her baby that should be born soon!! So excited!! Congrats Kate & Lane!!!

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