Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of the mouth's of babes

One day this past holiday weekend we were heading out to my mother-in-law's to spend time with my husband's family that were in for Thanksgiving. My dear son popped up from the back seat and stated "God sees everything that you do, even when you're in your house." I had to smile and tell him that yes, he does.

One day a few weeks ago, he also said that "God is stronger than the Hulk & Ironman." What can you say to that but, yes, He is.

Makes me think of all that I do at home and I need to watch what I say, do, and conduct myself around my children as well as out in the public. Because as my son knows, "God sees what you do." He knows when I lose my patience with my kids, or my husband. He knows when I feel loneliness and sadness wash over me when remembering my father or my best friend that I lost several years ago. He knows when I feel stressed out by pressures from family, work, or school. And I"m sure since God does know all these things, He knows if I turn to Him rather than crying, screaming, or cursing, things will get better. One of my favorite artists right now is Francesca Battistelli and she has one song that I really like that's called "It's your life." Here is the chorus that really goes along with what I'm trying to say..

It’s your life
What you gonna do?
The world is watching you
Every day the choices you make
Say what you are and who
Your heart beats for
It’s an open door
It’s your life

Lyrics by Francesca Battistelli & Ian Eskelin

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such a sad day..but I'm inspired

Yesterday and today are sad days for Hamilton. The historic Texan Theater, and one surrounding business were burned last night during a large fire. I believe a couple of businesses next door sustained smoke and water damage. I've heard several different stories about what happened and I'm not sure so I'll just keep my mouth shut so to keep my stories straight.

I'm so sad right now because that theater was destroyed. I had my first kiss in that theater, and went to several movies with girl friends from grade school and high school in that theater. We took Landon to see Wall-E when the sound wasn't working, but we still sat through the whole show. Landon enjoyed it, and the sound just enhanced the experience when we saw it at home. It was still pretty funny without the sound.

On a happier note, I've gotten inspired by my new washer and dryer. I've washed nearly everything in the house, and my house smells so good! But not only that I've vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, done laundry and basically spent the last two days cleaning. It's a rather nice feeling coming into a clean house, and not having to worry about doing the dishes, or laundry or stuff like that. Although I've spent hours cleaning the two days cleaning, I've also spent time with the family. We've spent a lot of time this past week out at Damon's mom's spending time with his aunts & grandparents that are in for thanksgiving. I think another reason I'm cleaning like a madwoman is because last year we had Christmas at our home for my mom's side of the family. I figured we'd do it again this year. So I know people will be in and out of my house this holiday season so I'm trying to get a jump start on the cleaning.

Maye this is a start of my resolution to get more organized and be better at keeping my home warm and inviting for my family and friends. Who knew it would take a new washer and dryer to give me the inspiration I needed??

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When you're an adult..

You know that you are an adult when you get excited about a washer and dryer. This weekend we went and bought a new front loading washer and dryer from Lowe's. After delay from the poor delivery man that was on his own, they were delivered this afternoon.

We went out to spend time with Damon's grandparents and watch a movie out at Damon's Mom's. We watched Angels & Demon's, which was actually a pretty good movie. Well, what I got to see when I was chasing Emma and Landon all over the house.

Back to the washer and dryer. When we got home after having "Movie night" with the in-laws, we started the washer with a load of clothes and I discovered two things
1) it is very, very quiet. I can barely hear it running
2) It says not to overload it, but I put a load I would normally put in my old washer, and it barely fills a 1/4 of it.

I had to give my husband a hug for the idea of the new washer and dryer. I always said if he gave me anything with a cord, I'd have to hurt him. But in this case I'll make an exception.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh what a day!!!

I was so excited because my washer and dryer were to be delivered tonight. However, the delivery man called at 8:30 pm saying they weren't going to make it. Really, I think I've figured it out by now. They asked when would be a good time to come back, so I told them tomorrow morning. I'm off tomorrow morning to go to the eye doctor. I'm hoping they'll come when I'm here at the house where Damon doesn't have to come home and miss work. I didn't want to schedule it tomorrow evening because tomorrow evening we are supposed to go to Damon's mom's to spend some extra time with his grandparents that are in.

We were going to try and see his grandparents today, however, a friend of ours smashed his finger while working on a tractor. They sent him up to the ER, but Damon called at 5pm saying that he had to drive our friend to Temple where they could look at his finger there. It pretty much destroyed the tip of it according to Damon. They got up to Temple about seven or seven thirty and Damon just now called saying he was leaving our friend with the nurse in one of the rooms, finally! Our friend's mom was up there with him so Damon came home.

Can't wait for Turkey Day on Thursday! I think we are getting it all done on thursday, so we are going to be stuffed eating with his family for lunch and my family that evening.

I saw this post on Facebook, and I'm carrying it over here.
What am I Thankful For??

1) My health and the health of my family
2) My wonderful, gorgeous husband who teaches me to let go of the small things
3) My children who light up my life and although they at times drive me bonkers, I can't imagine my life without the two of them
4) A job that I love, and actually enjoy going to each do
5) A roof over my family's head, and food on the table
6) My faith that sometimes, it's all that gets me through a crazy day

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to start anew!

It's almost time for new years resolutions and all that fun stuff, but I've started a bit early this year. Since joining the gym earlier in the year, I've lost weight & developed a definite "like" of exercise. Although it's really more of a love/hate relationship. I love how I feel & how I look, but I sometimes don't love the process it takes me to get there.

So for a new challenge, I'm taking on a 10k at the cowtown races in ft worth in February. I started training this week. I've got a schedule I'm gonna stick to in order to be able to run 6.2 miles in February. When I say that number, I get a little nervous. I think that weekend Damon's going with me to cheer me on & for us to have a little couple's weekend as well.

I'm also starting anew right now with my home life. I'm fairly organized when it comes to projects outside my home, but at home is a different story. My husband will tell you so!! I need to get more organized and on a schedule so I can clean, spend time with hubby, play with my kids, & have quality "me" time. The last three being the most important. May need to go back a few blogs to my list & revisit it to get things back in perspective.

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