Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such a sad day..but I'm inspired

Yesterday and today are sad days for Hamilton. The historic Texan Theater, and one surrounding business were burned last night during a large fire. I believe a couple of businesses next door sustained smoke and water damage. I've heard several different stories about what happened and I'm not sure so I'll just keep my mouth shut so to keep my stories straight.

I'm so sad right now because that theater was destroyed. I had my first kiss in that theater, and went to several movies with girl friends from grade school and high school in that theater. We took Landon to see Wall-E when the sound wasn't working, but we still sat through the whole show. Landon enjoyed it, and the sound just enhanced the experience when we saw it at home. It was still pretty funny without the sound.

On a happier note, I've gotten inspired by my new washer and dryer. I've washed nearly everything in the house, and my house smells so good! But not only that I've vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, done laundry and basically spent the last two days cleaning. It's a rather nice feeling coming into a clean house, and not having to worry about doing the dishes, or laundry or stuff like that. Although I've spent hours cleaning the two days cleaning, I've also spent time with the family. We've spent a lot of time this past week out at Damon's mom's spending time with his aunts & grandparents that are in for thanksgiving. I think another reason I'm cleaning like a madwoman is because last year we had Christmas at our home for my mom's side of the family. I figured we'd do it again this year. So I know people will be in and out of my house this holiday season so I'm trying to get a jump start on the cleaning.

Maye this is a start of my resolution to get more organized and be better at keeping my home warm and inviting for my family and friends. Who knew it would take a new washer and dryer to give me the inspiration I needed??

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Carrie B said...

what did you get?
we could have been laundry talking and I missed out on it! idk why i don't have your blog on my reader. i do now :)