Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day

Hello everyone!! I know I haven't been keeping up the blog very good, but I am trying again to do some more.

We've been busy. Miss Emma is growing by leaps and bounds, and is looking more like a little girl instead of a baby each day. Landon is going to school and when you ask him what he learned at school that day he says "all the things I didn't know." :)

Today was Landon's Valentines' Day party at the pre-k and we were supposed to make a hat at home for him to take to school. Well, Eagle Scout Damon had to make it, because this chica is not crafty AT ALL!! Give me a computer and I can make some invites or I can whip up some food, but crafty stuff, nope can't do it. In fact if I need anything mended, I take it to my husband because he can sew better than I can. So Damon had to make a hat for Landon's party, and Landon wanted a cowboy hat. So we got red poster board and Damon made a red cowboy hat. It turned out really, really good!