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Monday, June 7, 2010

I have hit the big 3-0!

Well, I had a crazy busy weekend. Friday night I was Team Captain and Emcee of the Relay for Life event here in our town. Then on Saturday, my cousin was married and had an absolutely beautiful wedding, and reception.  Congrats to Breanne & Robert!!

Then on Sunday, I turned the big 3-O!! We went to church and then came home. My husband got my family and in-laws together for a birthday lunch. We had ham, green beans,  fruit salad, shupeg corn, homemade bread, and strawberry cake with whipped topping. It was absolutely delicious. Then after a luxurious nap, Damon and I went out to dinner and a movie for my birthday/our anniversary. 

Our anniversary dinner was at Cici's. LOL! It was sooo romantic! But we got over there about an hour before the movie was supposed to start. I didn't want to chance getting stuck in a resturant and having to rush through dinner.  We went & saw Prince of Persia. I thought it was going to be corny, but it was actually pretty good.  Plus staring at Jake Gyllenhal for two hours with that ripped body of his, wasn't my idea of just the most awful time. :)

So now I'm 30 and today we've been married for 7 years today. I have to say either I'm in shock and I don't really know I'm 30, or I'm cool with being 30.  I have a wonderful, sexy husband and two kids that drive me crazy but I adore them more than words can say. I do enjoy my job, and I have to say I'm the healthiest I've been since probably high school.  My life is going pretty well, so I really have nothing to stress over...

Gotta's about my bed time!! Plus I have to put my daughter to bed for the umpteenth time!!

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