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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas lights & family bonding

It's become a tradition for us & my family to go see the Nature in Lights in belton. Last night we went & had family bonding. Although afterwards I wondered if family bonding is all it's cracked up to be!! Just kidding!

Miss Thing was so cute. She was looking at the window, and saying pretty!! It was so cute, and my son was just talking up a storm about the lights. They had a lot of fun. But Miss E was so tired of being in her carseat that when you tried to put her back in it after driving through she threw a HUGE fit.

Then when trying to go eat at the cracker barrel, we took a wrong turn & got lost in the burbs. I pulled out my map on my phone trying to explain to the hubby he needed to go left, & he's frustrated, & decides to go right. Well we end up more lost & at a dead end. I had to bite my lip to keep from telling him I told you so.

Finally get to the restaurant & of course the kids want to play in the store. Although by the time the food came they both dug in. We got home at nearly 11 & pretty much fell into bed.

That was enough fun to last me till next year. :)

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Bonnie said...

Well, you are braver than I am. I don't think I want to do any family bonding until Christmas. My kids are at just the right age to drive me crazy... is it me or does that seem to be every age past 4.