Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life Goes on..

Well right now I am sitting here writing this in an ICU room at Scott & White. My grandma, Nanny Helen, was sick startin last Thursday and wouldn't go to the doctor. By the time Mom convinced her to go yesterday they discovered she had a bleeding ulcer and she'd gone from her blood level being around 13 to a 7!!! They transported her to S&W by ambulance, which she griped the whole way about the gurney and the metal part right on your tailbone. :) But by the time she got here she looked better since the were pumping blood in her. She was also giving her doctors that performed the scope in her stomach a hard time, in a good way, asking if they were going to take care of her.

The found two ulcers in her stomach, one they were able to cauterize, the other was so deep they didn't want to poke into it too much in fear they'd go through the tissue. They are going to try and control it with medicine and diet I suppose.

Now we are waiting on them to transfer her to another room. I know hospitals don't get in any hurry when they do transfers. I know, I've been there...

Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday they'll let her out. They want to keep her just to make sure she doesn't bleed anymore after the procedure.

I'm tired. We got home at about 11 last night, I got to bed about one and then got up this morning a little before 8, dropped off kids, went to the gym & ran a little over a mile, went home to get ready and drove up here in the rain.

One day I might get to my house to clean it and relax on my vacation...but I praise the Lord that this wasn't any worse than what it was. And I thank all of those who prayed for us.

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Bonnie said...

Wow, Harmony, if isn't one thing it's another for you! Crazy! I hope that all goes well and she is able to leave the hospital soon. Hospitals are such cold and unfriendly places, it's hard to believe that anyone actually gets better in those things.