Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We went to Granbury to spend time with Damon's grandparents and his family for the Fourth. We drove to Cleburne first to drop off Damon's boat because it's broke at the moment so they are working on it. Then we headed to Granbury. We got there late on Friday because we stopped to look at vehicles and got caught at a dealership. Uggg...after that experience I'll just be willing to keep my truck and forget a newer car. I'd like a SUV because I realize we'll not only be hauling our kids but other kids too so I figured it might be a good idea to get a bigger vehicle. But I think right now, I'd rather just keep my truck and say "forget about it" on the new vehicle.

We spent the night Friday night and then got up early on Saturday and went downtown to the Granbury parade. It was a blast but was so HOT!! Next year I will remember a hat, sunscreen, and water, and maybe a little squirt bottle. They had some older planes that flew over the square after a woman sang the Star Spangled Banner, they were really cool. We went home and ate and cooled off before taking Landon to Transformers 2. He enjoyed it but I think Damon and I had more fun at it than he did.

Saturday afternoon we spent in the pool with the kids and then that evening we had hot dogs & hamburgers and sat around visiting. That evening I went outside to get something and heard fireworks. Damon's grandparents house is a few miles out of Granbury and on a hill. We could see the whole town's fireworks displays. Not only the one over the lake but others as well all over the town. We had the best seat in the house. We left late that evening so we could spend Sunday at home and not have to fight traffic that day.

Tomorrow I'm planning the kids staying home ith me most of the day and then taking them to the babysitter's around 3 so I can go work out. We might go swimming or we might wait until Damon gets home to go out and swim later in the evening.

Gotta go change and get ready for our exercise class!!

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