Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just some quick thoughts...

I keep on meaning to come here and write some things down, but it's so crazy, anything not necessary goes by the wayside.

Well it's official, I've registered for classes and start taking my graduate classes to get my master's in information systems next week. I'm excited but extremely nervous about it. I'm a working mom of two, who's going back to school. YIKES!! I'm trying to get better at prioritizing and getting things down to a schedule so it will hel me once classes start. I'm praying a lot about it, and I'm trying to get something that works for me. I know that balance for a working mom is a complete illusion. Sometimes the scales tip one way, sometimes the other, but I'm gonna try.

Speaking of kids, Landon said the cutest thing last night. I was saying that if he picked up his room I'd give him a dollar. If he did more chores around the house I'd give him more money so he could buy some toy he wanted. He looked at me and said, but if you help me clean my room, you'll have the money to buy me the toy! See what I mean mom! I had to stop myself from bursting into laughter and rolling on the floor. I'm in awe of how quick their brains work. Then Damon tried to talk to him about earning money, and it all fell on deaf ears I'm afraid.

Well, the reason I actually have time to post this, is my wonderful mother just stopped by to see the kids. The last couple of times she's done this, Emma pulls on her hand and says "Go!!" And of course sucka grandma, takes her and Landon. They usually go up to Nanny's house. Well, I tried to tell her, "No, Emma, Grandma isn't taking you anywhere." You know to try and break the pattern, but Grandma took them back up to great-grandma Nanny's house for a little while. So I think I heard door's slamming, meaning their home. So, till next time!!

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