Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mommy Guilt

Ahhhh the mommy guilt. It comes and it goes, just when I think I have everything together, something happens to make it all go off track. Landon’s t-ball coach left a message on my cell phone saying we were having practice tomorrow . I got the message yesterday. I called him back and said “Ok, we are having practice tomorrow at 5:30.” That would be practice Wednesday. Then today he calls and said “Where were ya’ll yesterday? We had practice.” I’m like “Huh????” Turns out he left that message on my phone later in the evening on MONDAY, meaning practice was on Tuesday. Ugggg, so Landon has practice on Thursday. But the damage has already been done.

So now I’ve got the case of the mommy guilt’s coming again. You know, the ones that come when you drop your baby off with their babysitter the first time you go back to work, or having to leave a sick child with someone because you can’t take off, or when you’re gone from them for work for a couple of days and something minor or major happens and you are not there. I was at my desk trying not to let my emotions get the better of me. I know in the grand scheme of things, missing one practice is not going to derail my son from any kind of sport, but keeping up with this stuff is my job, and I whoopsed it.


JGWmom said...

Hey Harmony! I still want us to get together for lunch sometime. I'm sorry I've not been in better touch. I did get your email. I got sick and then Wesley right before we left to go out of town for spring break and then we were gone to Alabama all of last week for spring break. Also, what t-ball team is Landon on? Graham is on Mr. Kneuper's team. Mrs. Kneuper is his K teacher. I'd love it if they were on the same team together. Hope so. Hope you have a better week...I totally know the mommy guilt thing!
Love ya,

Bonnie said...

Ah that's sad Harmony! Don't worry we all drop the ball occasionally. Fortunately, it was just a practice you missed. At least you didn't forget your kid at daycare. That would be a hard one to get over.

Everything will be ok, just keep your head up!