Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More just stuff

Oh the joys of kids..... I'm sitting here listening to my 14month old whine because I will not allow her to punch keys on my new laptop I received from my loving husband and mom for Christmas. Can't wait for Spring Break in a couple of weeks! We are going camping at Lake Whitney, coming home for a few days, and then leaving Friday to go see Damon's family for his Grandparents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. His Aunts who live in Oreg an and Washington will be coming down for a visit. Then I get to drive back on Saturday night to attend my cousin's wedding shower that evening. I'm in the wedding party, so can't exactly skip it, plus it'll be FUN!!!

Landon has learned to spell his name, and he says it so fast, sometimes you can't catch it. He's still talking about having a swimming birthday party. Since his birthday is in November, this might take some maneuvering.

Now my daughter is getting in trouble because the dishwasher was just about done, and she just HAD to go and press the cancel button, which I can't just start my dishwasher mid-cycle. I have to go back through and do it again. ARRRRGGG! Remember the good ole days when they cooed and laughed, and basically stayed in one spot?

The pics are of the big Princess Emma growing up. She no longer looks like a baby. She is walking, climbing,basically driving her brother nuts. Her favorite game is to go into his room when he's watching a dvd and turn off his tv or dvd player. Or she'll unplug the rca's so the picture and sound won't show up at all. She's our little angel, who's halo is held up by bailing wire.
The last picture is of Damon and I out for Valentine's Day. We went out with a friend of ours and his family. We went to Logan's Roadhouse and then to a bar there in Waco. Had a lot of fun with some good friends.
Anyone that wants a good, feel good movie, I recommend FireProof. It's by the makers of Facing the Giants. Other than Kirk Cameron, there are no big name actors in it, they are all volunteers from a church. It's not a big budget movie, but the message is wonderful. It's about a husband and wife on the verge of a divorce until the husband's father intercedes challenging him to do a Love Dare that not only is intended to save his marriage but draw him closer to God. I rented from the movie store here in town and the went right out and bought it. LOVED IT!!!

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Bonnie said...

Hey, I don't think I've ever seen your husband! I was beginning to think you just made him up... I hadn't really thought much on how you would have ended up with those beautiful babies.. but whatever. Imaginations, you can't really control them.

So, funny thing is... some one was just recommending Fireproof to me a few days ago! I will definitely have to see it since I now have two reliable sources vouching for it!

Have fun at work today!