Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Need a day off...

Between work, school, kids, hubby, & housework I feel as though I need a day away, just me. Had Friday off, but I didn't count that due to the fact Emma was home with a stomach bug.

Damon was busy all weekend with his stuff & I had homework & a test due, so it was a crazy weekend. Then Monday I was crazy busy after we got home, but felt like I got nothing accomplished. Last night we had movie night with in-laws and after they left I passed out in my recliner & all the dishes are still waiting for me when I get home.

My home is a wreck and I need to clean it, but then I also need time to work out. I may skip the gym today & work up a sweat vacuuming, mopping, & laundry. And don't forget the dishes!!

I'm trying to get it in some semblance of order because I'll be gone all day Saturday for a seminar to help me prepare for the GRE. I may have to stop & get a pedicure on the way home.

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