Monday, September 28, 2009

Really quick.

In my crazy, hectic life right now things are moving at warp speed. Take this week for example, I have a Chapter Outline due Sunday, I'm going out with my friends on Wed (I haven't seen these girls together in forever, so I'm not skipping out), so I'm going to try and get my outline for class in Thursday. I have a test that is available starting Friday, so I want to do it on Friday afternoon before the weekend because this Saturday I would like to go to Austin to a TCEA conference about Iphones & then possibly shopping. Plus I have an Staff Parish Relations meeting for chuch on Sunday, and somewhere in all this, I have to study for my GRE test in four weeks. ****GULP****

My little girl is now obsessed with babies. She calls everything from a stuffed cat to a baby doll her "Babeee". Landon is learning things every day, and today we asked him to eat 10 bites of his burger before he was allowed to play a wii game. He was eating bites and I had a hard time keep a straight face with that one.

Gotta get back to my homework and work on my outline if I want to get it in before Thursday...listening to my husband yelling at the tv and the Dallas Cowboys...

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