Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aww It's Over!!

I have to confirm it with Tarleton, but my stressing out about the GRE is over! I took it on Friday, and my lovely mother drove me to Waco to take the test. I was stressed out all week and before about everything, and tying to study for it. I basically stayed home and studied all week, didn't work out, and barely slept. I took it and made a 570 on the verbal and a 530 on the Math, so a combined score of 1100! Whoo-hoo!! I only needed to make a 570 to continue with graduate school. That also means that I could possibly be up for scholarships. I was so excited when I walked out of the testing facility Friday morning.
Mom and I left and went to go look for Halloween costumes and wound up at the mall. I found my new favorite store, Forever 21. Some of the stuff is too young for this woman. (There is just some stuff a woman shouldn't wear after she has kids) However, they had a lot of cute stuff. I walked out of there (Thanks to my momma! Love you mom!) with a pair of jeans, two dresses, and a really cute blue off the shoulder top, and three t-shirts. Mom was nice enough to pay for the majority of it as a great job on the GRE gift.
So I spent the weekend pretty much doing a lot of nothing. Well, I did dust and did the majority of our laundry. I finished my outline and turned it in a little while ago, and I did finally get to the gym today. I felt sooooo much better after getting a workout in.
Tomorrow starts the week all over again, and as a friend of mine said, its a chance to make this week better than the next. :) She's a true optimist. But this week, we may be having some friends for dinner Wednesday, and I got to pack because Thursday our department will be going to training for two days. Going to hopefully go to the gym every day except for maybe Thursday, and get back in my routine without the stress of studying for the GRE.
Fixing to turn off my computer and eat some ice cream my wonderful husband just brought me. Then it's time to get ready for bed. I may curl up with a book thats NOT a textbook or study guide before going to bed. :)

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