Monday, April 6, 2009

Landon's First T-ball game

Landon had his first t-ball game today. It was so hilarious!! I try not to take this sports thing too seriously. Especially at this age. Like a friend of mine said, "In t-ball if you can get them to run the bases the right way, and not field as a herd, then you've done your job."

It was great. So much fun. Landon was running around playing before they started. And then he got up to bat. He hit the ball off the tee and started running. The first time he got up to bat he got all the way around to third base. Damon got talked into being the third base coach for this game. Another kid came up to bat, they knocked the ball off the tee!! And Landon takes off....back toward second base. He makes it all the way back to first. I'm fact I think everyone's laughing at my son as he passes his teammate as he's running. After we've batted, they all take off back to the outfield. Landon decides it's great fun to run for the ball and do a stop..drop..and roll maneuver. Landon also decides to do this every time anyone hit's the ball. My son is rolling across the baseball diamond the whole second half of the game.

Damon joked with one of the coaches, Mark, "Can't you control your players better than that?" And then one of the other dad's asked Damon, "Whose that number 2?" Knowing full well whose child it was, Ours!! Damon said, "I'm not sure who's child that is, where are his parents???"

It's all fun and a great story to tell over and over again, especially when he's older.

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Bonnie said...

How funny! I can't wait to see Ashlyn play. I hope she runs the wrong way, that makes it so much more interesting! :-)