Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer almost here

I can't believe we only have two more weeks of school left. Of course it doesn't really count for us in the technology department which have to work for another month!!

Landon got out of school this week, and they had an end of the year party for them. It was so fun! They had little stations set up with a ring toss game, bean bag toss, jumpy house, and bowling. They had face painting and snacks. Damon and I both went and had a blast.

Gaga is going crazy making stuff for little missy. The picture above is one of the outfits she made for her. We're blessed to have someone that loves to do that for our little girl.

We don't have to many plans for Memorial Day since Damon will be on call. But on Monday, I'm dropping the kids off at Gaga's and then Mom and I are going shopping for my birthday!! Yeah!!! My birthday isn't till the 6th of June but I figure we can hit some good sales that day. My clothes are all too big. (Love that feeling, by the way) Then the 6th we're having people over for my birthday, then one weekend in June we are going down the Guadalupe river with some friends, and then in July or August we are going down to the coast and take the kids. Summer is filling up fast and it's not even here yet!!

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