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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A productive day

For the first time in what seems like a while I actually had a productive Saturday.

 Although it started a little rough. Miss E has good nights and bad nights with waking up. Last night was a bad night, she woke up about 3 am and that means I dozed from about 3am to 5am in short bursts running back and forth trying to put her in bed and then dozing off, getting up to put her back in's a vicious cycle. 

I woke up and read a little of "The Last Olympian", the last book in the Percy Jackson series. If you haven't read it, do it! I know it's meant for younger generations but they are well written, wonderful books. 

Then I did laundry, dishes, cooked lunch, more laundry, dusted, went through and started cleaning out Mr L's closet.  I actually folded landry too! I know, amazing, huh?

I started working on notes for my midterm this week. I'm actually fixing to work on them some more here in a little while. 
Mr. L had a birthday party for the girl about his age that lives across the street.  When I went to pick him up he was telling me that the girl was so excited about the gift we gave her, she jumped out of her chair and gave him a hug. Her mother laughed because she said Mr L's eyes were huge. 

My hubby stayed out most of the day fishing with a friend. I've officially become a fishing widow. It has started. When the warmer weather comes out, my husband leaves me for hours or days upon end. I have to admit, sometimes its nice to have run of the house and the remote. But it's a catch 22 situation since if he doesn't catch any fish, he's frustrated when he gets home. 

Both kids were in a bath and in their pajamas by 7pm and we ate some dinner. Now we're all hanging out and bed time will be fast approaching here soon.

Well back to studying...

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