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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awww Spring Break!!

Awww Relaxation...well kind of...

Friday night after I left work I came home and had planned to do my mid term for my online master's course, and of course that didn't happen. I had to run errands, and by the time I reviewed a few things, it was time to pick up the kids. My hubby had to work late..then do this...and then he had to do that...well it was around 8:30 before I even started my midterm. I guess we'll find out if I did any good next week.

Yesterday we had planned on a fish fry.  My hubby is an avid fisherman and he believed that the reason he hasn't caught fish was because he had too much fish in the freezer. We decided to have a fish fry on needless to say I called in reinforcements in the form of my mom to help me clean my house.  It was a great time with friends and family last night enjoying the nice weather and good food.

Today we got up and made it to church. As soon as we got home my husband ran off to test his theory to see if the fish were biting since we ate some of their relatives last night. So the kids and I stayed outside for a couple of hours and enjoyed the great weather. As soon as we came inside Miss E crashed on the couch and is still asleep. 

I plan on doing a little more spring cleaning this week, and I'll have to help for the decorations for our church's vacation bible school tomorrow, plus I do have some assignments due for class on the Monday we get back from spring break.  I'm hoping the rest of our spring break is relaxing but productive as well.

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JGWmom said...

Hey Harmony! I hope you enjoy your Spring Break!!! It is ours, too and we are going go to Destin, Florida (just a couple of hours south of us) tomorrow to watch Justus with his varsity baseball team play in a tournament. We are hoping to visit the beach a little, but it is too cold to spend significant time out there. The one thing I really missed in TX was the beach and we haven't been for almost 2 yrs.
Then we are going to Mobile, where our family lives (also only a couple of hrs away) to visit at the end of the week. Again, I hope y'all really enjoy yours!!! :)