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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Mission Statement

Ok - this isn't exactly a family mission statement, but I've been thinking about how to get my priorities in better order. My mom-in-law says I like to say yes to anything that comes my way. I've started realizing I am not SUPERWOMAN and I can't do it all. So I'm looking at trying to revamp my life before I turn 30 this summer. I came up with this today....

My Mission Statement

My mission in life is to fulfill my priorities of 1) God, 2) Me, 3) Husband, 4) Kids.

I have placed these in this order because without God this life isn’t possible. I feel disjointed and ungrounded when I don’t have enough quiet time with God. If I’m stressed, if I open my bible or flip to a devotional for the day, it is just what I need to get through the situation. I’m still taking baby steps in my journey of faith, but I’m working on it.

The next is me. Yes, this may sound horrible coming from a wife and mother to put herself before her husband and her kids. But my husband can tell you, if I haven’t had enough sleep, or I haven’t worked out in a few days, I become a raging…witch. I have to have time to myself to take care of myself. If I don’t take care of myself then I am no good to my husband or my kids. I find that if I work out, have down time, and take care of myself I am better able to handle what life throws at me.

The third on the list is my husband. Yes, I put my husband before my kids. You can gripe at me all you want, but, I was a wife before I was a mother, and once the kids grow up and leave, then it will just be him and I. That means I need to put my hubby on my priority list before the kids. I have to be a partner for him, and nurture that relationship. I want my kids growing up knowing that mom and dad love each other and still enjoy being around each other even after several years.

Fourth on the list are my little munchkins. I remind myself daily that they are only small for a short time and I want to cherish these moments and file them away to take out years later. These two are my gifts and I want them to never doubt their mother did all she could for them. Parents are the deciding factor in a lot of ways and I want to be there and make memories with them and be there for them.

I want to look at my mission statement and realize that if something is going to take me away or cause me to be away or shift the priority of the people on my list, then I may want to think twice before doing it.

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