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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ahhh Christmas time! We attempted to take our family pictures over the weekend so we can send out Christmas cards this year (via email, it's cheaper) We all got dressed trying to make everyone look pretty for our pictures. Emma of course didn't take a nap that afternoon making her a cranky little turkey, with a black eye might I add. She received it at the babysitter while climbing on an air mattress and then somehow winding up on the floor. I think Big Brother was a co-conspirator but it hasn't been proven yet. So now our beautiful baby girl has a nice shiner in a pretty little red Christmas dress. Damon has nicknamed her, his little "black eyed pea". Then I noticed in some of the pictures (the majority) her collar on her dress got turned up giving her the appearance of one of those puppies that have the cones around their necks so they won't lick their wounds. Oh well, it gives us character in our pictures.

Then in some of the pictures I notice Landon is trying to look over Kim's shoulder to watch tv. And then there's his goofy grin he sometimes makes. And I know all of us are seeing spots as many times as the camera flashed.

Here's too not perfect pictures and a peaceful, holiday season!

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