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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gotta get My Groove Back

Not taking anything away from Stella...but I've gotta get my groove back. With work being NUTS the whole month of August, Mr. L starting school, me starting classes again, plus the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc that revolves around my little world, I've lost my groove.  I used to have things going where I would get up, get ready,  do some work for school, get kids up and out the door. Then after work  I would go workout, come home, dinner, cleaning, kids in bed and then quiet time.  I'm sure other moms can relate on certain times in your life are rolling along, and then something shifts and that teeter-totter you are on slips and you're trying to balance it again.

But my workouts and schedule has totally went into a SNAFU state.  (everyone can google what SNAFU means) I guess I need to get my groove back but honestly with everything going on I've been too tired to even try.

Okay let me think what I can do to restore some balance into this crazy life that is swirling around me.

1) try to go to bed early enough where I get enough sleep
2) wake up and do some yoga to try and calm me and focus on the day
3) get ready (no TV) for work after laying out all my clothes and packing stuff up the night before
4) spend some quiet time with the Lord in the morning to get my day started right
5) get kids ready and out the door on time
6) Work out in the afternoons at 4 - if I know I can't be there that day, go in the morning instead of yoga
7) Take vitamins to balance out
8) Watch what I eat, eat things that help my body, not hurt it, but allow myself a tread now and then
9) Drink A LOT of water
10) Spend time laughing with my husband and kiddos
11) Hang out with girlfriends at least once a month to help de-stress myself
12) Try to clean a little bit everyday so I can relax a little on the weekends

Gonna pray to the Lord above for some help on getting my groove back.

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