Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Makes it All Seem So Small

   This weekend you called one of your young angels back home. A boy only a year older than my dear son was called home to be with you unexpectedly. I can't even imagine what his family feels right now. I do not know them, but the thought of losing your child rips my heart in two. Lord I pray for them during this time, I know they are searching for why, and their grief is immeasurable. Lord, wrap your arms around them and speak your words of healing into their heart. No words we speak can comfort them, but you know what to say to help them pick up the pieces of their hearts and start mending them back together.

This makes everything I worry about seem so small & trivial. Lord today I'll hug my kids a little more, kiss them,and tell them I love them just one more time. I'll read the story one more time, and listen more when they tell me a story. Lord I'll hold my husband's hand while sitting on the couch watching a movie, tell him I love him before hanging up the phone, I'll thank him for being a wonderful father. Call my mom and grandma and tell them I love them and thanks for all they did.

If you read this, please say a prayer for this family in our community.And hug those you more time..

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