Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Another week has ***FLOWN*** by.  We've had a lot of fun this week. Last week we got the basketball pictures back. Look at my mister! Isn't he so handsome?!?

I love that picture that she took! She captured him with that great smile.

This week we were able to go to the Texas Computer Educators Association conference in Austin for a couple of days. We learned many things that I hope we can utilize in our district. Here's a picture of us at one of the booths.

Then Miss E started a tumbling class last night.  I thought that it would benefit her more than dance since she is always "tumbling" about the place anyway. She had fun and I got back into town just in time to surprise her at the class. Here they are doing a wheelbarrow move. By the time I got there they had moved onto flips. 

Then Landon's class is studying the nation of China and the culture. I received this pic from another mom earlier today. It was from their lunch of eating Chinese food. It's such a cute pic!

Gotta run! We've got a great weekend planned. Tomorrow we have 2 basketball games and then my hubby and I are going to relax at home and cook some nice steaks we bought with a gift card to a local business here in town. My mouth is watering already!

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