Sunday, July 14, 2013

What a fun week!!

We've been a little busy. We had vacation bible school at our church and I volunteered to help. **gulp*** I was placed with the Popcorns or the Kindergarten age kiddos. All I can say, any teachers that teach around that age, deserve Starbucks daily and diamonds. It was fun, but I napped every day cause the kiddos wore me out!!!

Friday damon and I had a date night. Chinese food and a movie, it was a lot of fun!! A much needed time with my hubby. Then yesterday Damon and Emma went fishing while Landon and I had a date at McDonald's and the Lone Ranger movie. 

Today the weather turned unseasonally cool in Tx and we had a little bit of rain. We did nothing but sit around, read, and watch movies. It was fabulous!! 

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