Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy First Week of 2014!

Well the first few days of 2014 are done. I say it like it is an end because I work at a school which allows me the luxury to be off when my kids are off most of the time.  So we've had a full two week break together.

I've felt a bit guilty these past two weeks because other than a few things that I cleaned, laundry, and visiting family for the holidays, we did a whole lotta nothin'. I was telling my mom this and she said, "It's probably good for you, because a lot of the time, you keep going and going."  And it's true, since the kids are involved in sports, tumbling, scouts, church...our weekdays and weekends fill up pretty quickly. So it was good for all of us to just have a small break where the season isn't quite so busy.

I guess you could say the last two weeks was our "day of rest" so to speak.  The Bible states over and over again the importance of rest and being alone. From God resting the seventh day, to Jesus going to be by himself to pray.  I might need to encourage more days of rest for us in the future.

Hope the first full week of 2014 brings many blessings and our loved ones closer together.

Blessings to you all!!

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