Friday, February 28, 2014

Selfie Friday

A girl that I know on Facebook posted on Facebool a challenge. She wanted people she knew, especially women to post selfies. I know I'm not the only one who tears down pictures of myself. 

My muffin top is showing in that shirt...

My nose is huge!! 

Are those crows feet?!?!

What is up with my hair??

I could go on and on, just like a lot of other women, but I won't.

I will post a picture I took. The other day I was looking at pictures of myself from the  Cub Scout Blue and Gold ceremony and I thought, you know I'm ok with how I look.

Would I like to lose a few pounds and be healthier?? Yup! Am I gonna agonize if I ate an awesome bacon cheeseburger and had a glass of wine? Nope!

I am learning that it's all about trusting my body and learning to take care of myself along the way. 

I was so happy to see all the selfies from the other ladies because sometimes in order to remind yourself you are beautiful, friends are there to help you. 

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