Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Slow Down???

When school was close to getting out, I thought YES, finally Summer with it's slower days, and not as much to do.  HA! The joke was on me. It's only two weeks in and I feel like we've been on summer break for a month. (But I'm not wishing it go any faster, nope).

We've had trips to the lake, church, play practices, swim parties, VBS, football camp, and Summer Tumbling, and not to mention friends over at our house for sleepovers.

I'm bittersweet over the ending of one commitment.  Emma was asked to be a part of the summer play that our local theater puts on. This year they are doing The Jungle Book.  She is Emma the Elephant.  The play is so adorable and consists of a few adults in some of the roles and then mostly kids in the other roles.  We have parrots, monkeys, elephants, wolves, and a bear and a panther.  We are having the play the next three days. I've always loved doing theater but with kids commitments, working, and other things I haven't set foot on a stage in years.  I had to fill in for one of the characters the other day, and I forgot how much I LOVED the theater.  So even though we've been at rehearsal 3 days a week for the past few weeks and yes we've been busy, it's been a lot of fun. 

Dress rehearsal

And here is Landon getting in a groove at VBS

Football camp shot..he's the one in a full sprint.

Here's to a little slower paced summer after this weekend! I'm ready for lazy evenings, swimming after work, playing games and watching movies. 

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