Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cruise 2010

Well we got back from our cruise a week ago. It was soooo  much fun. We had a great time with friends. Hung out by the pool. Went and saw some great people sing karoake and watched a comedian on the boat. But I have say the best part was just relaxing with friends and of course my handsome husband.

This is at the resturant at the port  before we boarded the boat. (NOTE: I don't normally look that tan. We got spray tanned before leaving. So cool, and so addicting!!) We boarded the boat and looked around for a couple of hours before hanging out by the pool. 

We sailed for a day and came to Progresso, Mexico.  It was a very nice little town, but the vendors as usual are very avid about peddling their goods. Just walk and don't make eye contact. We bought a hat for me to keep the sun of my face and my brother-in-law's girlfriend is an absolute master at negotiating with the merchants. She should really work for the UN.  

We got back on the boat and had some more fun at the pool.

The next day we were in Cozumel, where we got to go on a submarine and go 100 ft down and look at the reefs and the gorgeous fish in the water.  I love the water in Cozumel, it's so blue and clear, and just looks great. When we got back on dry land we went down the coast to a beach resort and had a blast drinking a few beers and hanging out in the water and on the beach.  

All in all I missed my kiddos but had an absolute blast!! I have to say that going down to Mexico might have to be an bi-yearly thing.(I'm not made of money, so every two years is about all I can afford).  I think it was good for me & the hubby to get away and have some adult time. 

Adios Mexico!! See you in a couple of years!!

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