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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a weekend!!

We were lucky and blessed to have some  friends that offered for us to have a birthday party for my husband and several other people from Damon's work whose birthdays are in August. My handsome hubby and his best friend fried up fish, squash, hush puppies, and french fries, along with deviled eggs, asparagus rollups, and peach cobbler. It was awesome!!

We sat around the whole evening drinking iced tea, eating, talking with good friends, and playing horse shoes. The kids played and played and played out in their yard. The live out in the country so there was plenty of room to run around. Now my hubby's birthday isn't until next Saturday when he turns 33. (He's already expressed to me that he doesn't like that number because it's an odd number. Yup, he's odd). Our plan is to one day in the next week to take the kids to the zoo with our whole family.

Oh how times have changed!10 years ago we'd be throwing a big shindig with beer, and music, maybe some poker and party until the wee hours. But now it's all about something low key and with our family and friends. It's amazing the things that change when you grow older and have kids.  My idea of a good time is no longer hanging out at a club till it closes or hanging out with friends every night on the weekend. Now my idea of fun is hanging out at the house with the kids and the hubby, watching a movie, with some dark chocolate and a diet coke.  Or taking the kids out some where and having fun with them. Don't get me wrong, I like my adult time, but there's something about just hanging out with the kiddos.

Will post pics of our zoo trip as soon as we go!!

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