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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mom Sexy Challenge

The Mommyologist blog has done it again!!! This week is the Embrace Your Body week.  Our challenge is to embrace all our bodies as Mom's and love everything about us.  Here is my picture that shows me in all my gorgeous glory!

This is one of my favorite pictures from our recent cruise to Mexico.  It's silly & playful, and honestly I walked all around that pool in a bikini. Yes Ladies you heard me, a bikini, without a cover-up. I turned 30 a few months ago and I have to say this is probably the most comfortable I've been in my skin in awhile. 

I love my hair. It's thick and wavy and I inherited it from my dad.  I can wear it long or short and I love it either way.  I also am learning to love my nose. It's the same nose my mom and grandmother have.  And I have to agree with Mary, I'm gonna say it, I love my boobs and my butt. My boobs are smaller than they used to be since losing weight, but they are still in the same general area as they were before kids.  I've gotten complimented on my butt here lately, and in the past BK (before kids). I love the way my body is proportionate, a kind of hourglass figure, and I'm learning to embrace my curves more each passing day.  

This is another picture of what I love about my body. I've recently discovered a love of running about a year ago.  This is right after I finished my first 10K. The thing is I FINISHED IT!! This body carried me 6.1 miles across the finish line. It wasn't always easy, but all I could think of is I am running for 6.1 miles and I finished it!! The pride I felt was absolutely awesome!! And in six months I'll be trying for a Half Marathon.  

Each day I grow older and wiser I'm learning to love this body more and more. I'm learning to treat it better and take care of it more so I can enjoy and love it for many years to come. 


Elizabeth said...

WOOHOO on finishing!!! You are amazing. I love your post. And your blog. I'm also in a small town (really small... like not even a blip on most maps, lol)

Mom2zqb said...

I love your post! Thanks for sharing. I recently turned 30 as well and I'm loving it.

The Mommyologist said...

Flaunt that bikini girl!! I will be 33 in a week and I still wear one!

Way to go on that 10K! That is such an awesome accomplishment and you should be so proud of yourself! It's amazing what our bodies are capable of!!

THanks so much for linking up and for helping me spread this positive message to women!

From Tracie said...

Running marathons...awesome! I have a secret though about that once in a while, but I have never really tried running.

Awesome on rocking the bikini without the coverup! I love it!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your running. I love the picture from your vacation. You look so beautiful and happy.