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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Just a few things I am thankful for this Thursday...

5. A gift of some boots from a friend that I am loving!!  Her not liking them was good for me! Thank you!! Thank you!!

4. Some news about our vacation coming up next month...we may get an unexpected date night and go see a concert with friends while on our family vacation

3. My husband's best friend is coming into town this weekend so he is so excited to see him.

2. Basketball season for Landon is winding down. Our last games are on Saturday. I've enjoyed this season so much, and it was a lot of fun, but looking forward to a month of down time before t-ball & baseball start.

1. Date night with my handsome hubby on Saturday was great! We went out for Valentine's day and ate crawfish, did a little shopping, listened to some good music, and just basically spent some much needed time together.

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