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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

My Top Ten Tuesday of Mixed Blessings

(My list of mixed blessings)

10. My dryer has been out for a week today...blessing is that most of my clothes are getting dry outside or in emergencies, taken to my momma's house to utilize her dryer, which means a smaller electric bill for me. May have to start doing this more often!

9. Had my best friend's daughter over this weekend to play with my girl. Princess JJ is older than Princess Emma by a year and a half they have a blast together. On Sunday we had both of them and Landon and his friend out at the pool. Had so much fun, but I was one tired momma after it was all said and done.

8. Rain..Thank you Lord for the rain I know we NEED it in the worse way, but it does hamper the drying of clothes outside. But let me reiterate I am NOT complaining about the rain. Just so you know Lord!!

7. A friend and her darling baby boy were baptized Sunday. Yeah!!!

6,  I started a second job working two nights a week as a waitress. It's just a little extra money for me and to help support any extras that we as a family will want to do, for example, taking vacation this summer.

5. Summer classes for my masters...this class seems really interesting, but I only have 9 more hours to complete which equals out to 3 more classes. It's SO close and YET so far away.

4. Got to go out to eat and shopping with my hubby on Saturday and then he took Miss Emma out fishing while I was at work. She caught a fish and her and daddy had a grand ole time.

3. Mother/daughter pedicures on Friday while I was off work. It was so cute and we took a pic of our toes together.

2.  My little soldier Landon not only wanted to wear his camo pants and shirt for the third day in a row. (A momma has got to wash them sometime) but he lost his third tooth this morning!!

1. VBS at a church just down the street from our home. It is a blessing! Many of the kids friends go to church there and they feed them a light dinner. And it's in the evenings which allows me to do a few extra things around the house. They have so much fun but I sure do miss them while they are gone.

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