Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Essentials

While reading my devotional earlier this week, I came across this point. "In Christian life, begin with the essentials: Put God first. Then read and follow God's book carefully."

What a good point! Everyone says to get back to the essentials, well how much more essential can you get that God? The guiding force in our life. I want to have God speak to me. This week He spoke to me in two different ways. I work at a school district in Technology so this time of year is absolutely NUTS and a tad stressful. (I love my job, by the way) Teachers are coming back, things don't work the way they should, and we are setting up new accounts and getting everything ready for the students. So this week I was trying to find some refuge and opened up my Upper Room devotional. Two of my devotionals spoke to me this week. One discussed the story of Mary and Martha and how anxiety doesn't help. Anxiety is non-productive and means that you aren't trusting God. The other was about loving your enemies and treating others as you would like to be treated. This is a good thing to remember when I'm stressed out and someone comes up and just wants to ask me "one more question."

So I'm trying to get back to the essentials by getting back to the root of it and to the ultimate listener and healer.

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