Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life as I know it....

Well the craziness has started at our house. BOTH kids are doing soccer right now, and Emma is taking dance and Landon has his scouts. So Damon and I are working on syncing schedules to get kids where they need to be. And so it begins!!

Landon is enjoying second grade. I asked him about fact families the other night for his math homework. He thought for a moment and said "I can explain it with legos." He took 3 red legos and 1 yellow lego, "that makes four". He switched it to be 1 yellow lego, and 3 red legos, "it still makes four." Landon then surprised me by saying "If you take 4 minus the 3 red legos, you have 1 yellow lego. Then if you take 4 minus the 1 yellow lego, you have 3 red legos." And that is a lesson in math by my second grader. I was so proud of him.

Emma is learning all kinds of songs and new things at her pre-k. She comes home singing all kinds of cute songs and starts talking about what they learned. It's absolutely amazing to watch her develop into a articulate little girl instead of the toddler I'm used to. *Sigh* where does the time go...

I have a small problem...I graduate on December 15, and being so close to the end of my masters program, I have a case of the I'm tired's and you can't make me do it!! LOL I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm so ready to get there, I'm trying to sprint past all the little minor details, like putting in the work! Say a prayer or two so I can keep my focus.

Gotta go, time to type notes and put my "focus" hat back on.

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