Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goodbye Until We Meet Again...

After returning home from vacation, we received some very upsetting news. My children's babysitter, Belinda, whom we all called Gaga passed away Thursday morning, March 14, 2013. She has watched my children since Landon was one and a half, and has been with Miss Emma since she was a baby. My heart hurts for my babies because they have lost a dear, loving influence in their lives, and I have lost a friend. I will miss her calling me, telling her how my day went while I was picking up the kids, her taking the kids with her no matter where she was going during the summer. She was an absolutely dear, wonderful woman who was a great friend and ally for me. She wasn't just a babysitter, she was another grandma to my kids. She was their teacher, their friend, their confidant, and she loved them like they were her own.  She and I loved big, gaudy jewelry, and huge purses. We both loved colorful clothes, and I loved how she was never afraid to speak her mind.

Oh my friend, I will miss you. My prayers and thoughts are with your sweet daughters and grandsons, and your husband as they try to navigate their lives without you with them. I know you are happy where you are and know that we will love you always!!

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