Friday, March 29, 2013

What a lovely day..

Although the calendar technically said the first day of spring was earlier this month, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature here in Texas that. We have went from wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts to sweatpants all in the same day.

But today on this Good Friday, I have a feeling of unlimited blessings. Today the weather is gorgeous, the sun is shining and mild, perfect spring weather. We plan on taking the kids to a movie tomorrow and lunch, and we have some of the kids friends over here at the house playing, shooting nerf bullets at each other and having a good time. It's always nice to hear the giggles of kiddos playing together.

We are running here and there, both kids are involved with baseball this year, so it's practices till late and eating dinner late. We are adjusting to our new normal without our dear friend Belinda here. I know she is in an infinite better place and will always be with us.

Here are some random pictures of my sweet kiddos...
Miss Emma's fearless fashion sense

Emma getting her practice in

Landon relaxing at Aunt Kellie & Uncle Derrell's during spring break

Landon conquering a rock climbing wall at the playground

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