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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Wrap-up

It's been a busy week. A beautiful Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church, Christmas with our families, and now wrapping it up. 

The kids enjoyed their gifts and were blessed with gifts from us, grandmas, aunts & uncles. It was a wonderful time spent with family. I know I've changed because I was excited to get dishes, a cookbook, and casserole dish for Christmas. Far cry from wanting clothes, books, or jewelry. Although I did get a few of those too. 

My husband also made me a picture frame for a Marilyn Monroe print for my kitchen and a new cross for my wall.

It also warmed my heart to have Emma suggest on Christmas morning to sing happy birthday to baby Jesus. We of course did. :) 

Today I have picked up the house a bit, made breakfast burritos, and napped, worked on a computer for a lady here in town, and not done a whole lot more. I hope other moms out there have days like today. I have not got out of my pj's, and since the days halfway done, I don't see me getting dressed. 

I am looking forward to making 2014 a better year than 2013. This past year was blessed, but who wants to stay in the same place. I want to make it better each year, make each day better. 

All those that read this, please say a prayer for a family in our small town. They lost their 6 month old son on Monday. He was born with a heart defect, and this dear angel went to spend Christmas with our Heavenly Father. My heart hurts for this family, please say a prayer for them during this dark time. 

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