Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Noticing the Little Things...

Life has gotten so fast that sometimes we forget to notice the little things that make us smile..and make us think.

Then I saw something that this weekend made it all come rushing back to me. We were in McDonald's with Emma's Girl Scout troop eating lunch before going to the Zoo.  There was an older gentleman there with a seeing eye dog sitting and drinking his coffee.  In the rush of trying to keep an eye on 12 excited, giggling little girls, I looked over my shoulder to see the older man at the counter patiently waiting his turn for a refill.

Then something happened that was such a simple, but yet profound thing.  Another older man was standing in line as well. Instead of going about his turn, he turned to the blind man and asked him if he needed a refill and how his day was going. He gently put his hand on his shoulder to guide him toward the counter and they made small talk.

Yes it was a simple act of kindness that some people may not have noticed. I smiled and teared up because in this world where you hear only about the bad things, why doesn't anyone ever tell you about simple acts of kindness in this world that brightens one persons day?

What simple gesture of kindness could you make to someone today?

Making the coffee for your spouse..

Smiling at a stranger...

Helping the frazzled mother behind you in line by making faces at her baby so she can load the counter with her items..(I have been both the frazzled mother and the one making faces)

Picking up something that someone has dropped...and giving it back to them...

Helping some teenagers out by working on their truck as they stop for help on your street...

Simple random acts of kindness....what could this world be if we had more people that would do this?


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