Friday, April 11, 2014

It's a Friday!!

Thank God for another day!!

This week has flown by. It's been such fun!

Sunday I went with some of my friends I don't get to see a lot to Painting With a Twist. We had a blast!! I absolutely loved it. 

Monday was spent in a not so fun way cuddling my boy since he had a stomach bug. So we unexpectedly had a day with not much to do. Although later on dad took over and I took Emma to a picnic for the Girl Scouts and tie dying shirts to wear to the Zoo field trip on Saturday. 

We had a low key week trying to get over the stomach bug. Luckily he was feeling better so we could go to Emma's first T-ball scrimmage. Go Broncos!!

Looking forward to taking my girl to the zoo tomorrow. And hopefully getting back in time to see some family. 

Have a blessed weekend!

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