Monday, March 31, 2014

Everything I Need to Know...

I know like  some people that will read this, I used to LOVE Little Golden Books. Even now if I see a Little Golden book, it makes me smile. So imagine my joy at seeing this at the Books Are Fun dealer that comes to our school monthly.

I bought one immediately and one for my momma who shares my love for Little Golden Books. Some of the sweet nuggets in the book include..

1) Get dressed first thing (sweatpants are bad for moral)
2) Get exercise daily
3) Daydream 
4) Stroll
5) Treat Yourself
6) Turn off the TV...and crack open a book
7) Use your imagination
8) Be unique
9) Keep in touch
10) Go ahead and make a big deal over your birthday 

And many..many more!!!

If you ever see this book, grab it!! It's a  great book to lift you up and remind you about the little things. 

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